The Korean War has been raging since June and now the North has been pushed to the border with China. However Mao decideds to launch a invasion sponsored by Stalin. China invaded in late October early November. The great Chinese offensive however wasn't without its flaws. The PRC was only a year old and China was ravaged by Civil War and WWII. So when the Chinese came, there only weapon was some artillery but just people. The waves of Chinese attacked the UN lines with rifles and shovels. However the UN forces with superior firepower and weaponry massacred the Chinese. Communist forces were slaughtered and MacArthur ordered a push with everything the UN troops had. Truman began to worry as MacArthur pushed towards the Yalu. Truman warned MacArthur until he reached the Yalu when Truman threatened to fire MacArthur if he didn't stop.


On January 25th, 1951 the Korean War was declared a victory for the United Nations against Communism. MacArthur soon returned home and by spring had announced, "My fellow Americans, today, March 8th, 1951, I announce by candidacy for president of the United States as a Republican. I assure that the threats of communism shall never harm our shores. Over the beaches of the California coast we see a pacific where Capitalism had produced examples of western productivity, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, and Australia. To our east across the Atlantic we see the destruction by fascism, and rebuilding by capitalism. However the further east you go, freedom turns into tyranny. That tyranny is the mess of the "paradise" of communism. Countries like the Soviet Union, Hungary, and Poland, once bastions of capitalism and democracy now are puppet states for the red menace, controlled by the Maniac Stalin. And his partner in genocide, Mao Zedong. I promise that the only way communism can spread, is back to were it came from, a book and a ideology not yet put into practice."


MacArthur's arousing speeches gained him massive popularity and by the Republican national convention of 1952 became the party's candidate of choice. And on November 8th people chose, between Democrat Aldai Stevenson and Republican Douglas MacArthur. MacArthur easily won out.


MacArthur took the oath of office in uniform. The General then paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue and spoke outside the White House. The first days of the MacArthur presidency were shaky. MacArthurs first act was "Allied Armorment". All NATO countries (besides Germany for reasons we all know of) were given US equipment, weapons, and even advisors. Most of this equipment was flowing to France, which was fighting 2 colonial wars, one in Algeria and the other in Indochina.


France abandoned Indochina after Dien Bien Phu. The major defeat crushed French morale. President MacArthur considered sending in American troops to bolster the French, but that never happened. So later that year leaders from NATO and the Warsaw Pact met and divided up Vietnam into a communist north, and capitalist south. The US immediately began backing the southern government with weapons and training. The US recognized Israel fully but also recognized the right of a Palestinian state.


The Mau-Mau rising in Kenya are going on without US support to either side. MacArthur didn't want to tangle with African politics, now that Rosa Parks sat on the white side of a bus.


1956 was a crazy year for the Middle East and the Arab World. Gamel Abdur Nasser was in charge of Egypt. The British didn't like him, the Israelis saw him as a threat, and France thought he was funding the rebellion in Algeria.