March 30th: An British fleet heading toward Copenhagen accidentally awakens the Swedish batteries stationed off the coast. While the Swedish open fire, the Danish are awoken by the loud noise of cannons and describe the attack as an attack by the their neighbors and eventually the Danish batteries open fire as well. On the HMS Elephant, holes fill the ship as they are positioned in a crossfire and one of the hits proves fatal to Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson killing him in his quarters instantly. Admiral Sir Hyde Parker orders the fleet to move out of firing range and head forward, he still believes that they have the element of surprise with them. The Danish High Command in Copenhagen many present still believed the attack to be by Sweden while more experienced or hardened though different, but it was agreed by most of the staff that a preemptive attack would be best; strange as it may be, many in the Swedish command thought likewise.

March 31st: The British fleet finally escapes the narrow strait and Sir Hyde orders the fleet to stop and mend to the damage. Nearly one/third of the fleet had been sunk and/or grounded while most of the remaining ships where heavily or lightly damaged by the batteries, unfortunately Parker had convinced himself that most of the fleet was still intact and that any damage to the fleet was only minor. At Copenhagen, the Danish-Norwegian fleet departed after overnight preparation for the upcoming battle at hand; around the same time the Swedish fleet had left port as well heading to the waters near Copenhagen after reports of the enemy fleet heading toward the city of Malmö. Meanwhile, the Anglo fleet once more headed toward Copenhagen until contact was made with the Danish fleet although battle was yet to commence; at around the same time the Swedish fleet arrived as well. No sooner did the Danes and Swedish realize who they were really fighting and soon the combined might of the fleets surrounded the Anglo fleet. The battle lasted one hour and by the end of that time the British fleet was only debris and the floating corpses of British sailors.
Battle of Copenhagen Strait

Modern Map with the British fleets path and the battles that ensued.Red: British FleetPurple: Swedish FleetYellow: Danish-Norwegien FleetRed-Black: Conflicts