This is the main timeline page for Lenin's Testament.



After many years of hardship, loss and civil war in the region, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics forms on December 30th, replacing the Russian Czar with Vladimir Lenin, a commander of the left-winged revolution. Lenin assumes power, and starts consolidating the area from outside threats, counter-revolutionaries, et cetera.


On January 4th, only a few days after the beginning of the year, Lenin infamously testifies over Josef Stalin being General Secretary of the Communist Party, whom he had nominated for the position eight months earlier. Vladimir, who was regretting the decision, was quoted saying:

Stalin is too rude and this defect, although quite tolerable in our midst and in dealing among us Communists, becomes intolerable in a Secretary-General. That is why I suggest the comrades think about a way of removing Stalin from that post and appointing another man in his stead who in all other respects differs from Comrade Stalin in having only one advantage, namely, that of being more tolerant, more loyal, more polite, and more considerate to the comrades, less capricious, etc.

—Vladimir Lenin

After Lenin's testimony and a long talk with his comrades Alexy Ryvov, Leon Trotsky and other notable Soviets, Lenin was removed from General Secretary to a military general, being replaced by Nikolai Bukharin from his former position in the party.


On the 24th of January, Lenin passes away from a brain hemorrhage. News quickly spreads throughout the nation, and the people mourn. Nikolai Bukharin officially replaces Lenin as the head of state, due to his position of General Secretary within the party.



On January 30th, Adolf Hitler, an Austrian-born National Socialist politician, comes to power in Germany. His political policies are based on the hatred toward the Jews are rebuilding Germany to a great state again. The Soviet Bureaucracy laughs him off as an "ill-fated disaster" waiting to happen.









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