1290 - 1400


Henry IV Probus, the high duke of Poland, determined to gain the Polish crown strengthens his rule in Lesser Poland. King Edward I issued an edict expelling all Jews from England. Margaret, maid of Norway died on September 1290 destroying the chances of unification between the crowns of Scotland and England.


Matilda of Brandenburg, the wife of Henry I of Poland gives birth on June 5, 1291 and names their son Henry.


Przemysl of Greater Poland was killed by the rebelling nobles in Greater Poland that were allied with Brandenburg and the Henry IV the High Duke of Poland, then Henry IV Probus gains Kalisz and Poznan while Pomerelia becomes a vassal of Brandenburg. Elisabeth Richeza is forced to flee Poland after the death of her own father and was in the court of the Adolf, the King of Germany.


Mestwin I dies in and Wladyslaw the Elbowhigh claims Pomerelia and annexes it to his own domains. Wladyslaw the Elbowhigh wars with Brandenburg due to his alliance with the House of Griffins.


Wladyslaw the Elbowhigh is assassinated by the dissatisfied nobles of Pomerelia which were allies of Brandenburg, Łęczyca, Sieradz and Kuyavia(with the exception of Inowroclaw) were annexed by Henry IV Probus and Pomerelia became a part of Brandenburg completely.


On June 4, 1295, Elisabeth Richeza of Greater Poland marries Louis of Bavaria which gives the Wittelsbach some Polish connections.Marco Polo returned to Venice in 1295 with many riches and treasures. They had traveled almost 15,000 miles, Marco Polo decides to establish a printing press, he took advantage of something that has not been done before and this innovation was the cause of the innovation of printing being spread to europe.


On June 25, 1296, Matilda of Brandenburg gives birth to twin daughters named Mary and Kunigunde. Marco Polo writes his book, the Travels of Marco Polo and later prints it.


Andrew III betrothed Elisabeth of Hungary, his own daughter to Prince Henry of Poland and sent Elisabeth of Hungary to Henry I of Poland.


Henry IV Probus becomes crowned as the King of Poland and becomes Henry I of Poland, now that his own rivals are now gone and the other Piasts surviving are already weak and most of them swore fealty to him.Silver deposits are discovered in Kutna Hora, Bohemia.1299Blanche of France marries John, Lord of Beaumont in January 4, 1299, she became pregnant and has a miscarriage and she dies due to the complications of her own miscarriage.Scotland signs a peace pact with England to end the border and succession wars between the two countries.


Margaret of France is married to John I of Numur.Wladyslaw the ElbowHigh’s widow, Jadwiga of Kalisz marries Wenceslaus II.The book published by Marco Polo become popular in Italy.


Jadwiga of Kalisz gives birth to a daughter named Elisabeth in June 4, 1301.Mary of Poland is betrothed to Ferdinand, Prince of Castile.Margaret I gives birth to a son named Louis.


Boleslaw of Masovia establishes the stronghold of Warsaw.Henry I makes reforms in Poland, he focuses on centralization and watches on the alliance between the Teutons and Masovia.


Elisabeth Richeza gives birth to a son she named Ludwig on June 5, 1303. Masovian dukes make an inheritance pact with the Teutonic Order.


Wenceslaus II dies, Wenceslaus III becomes the King of Bohemia and seeks the hand of Elisabeth,Queen of Hungary in marriage, Elisabeth of Hungary refuses and tells him she is already engaged to someone else. Henry I of Poland learns of the inheritance pact between the dukes of Masovia and the Teutons. Jadwiga of Kalisz enters a convent and becomes a nun after the death of her second husband, Wenceslaus II.


Charles Robert of Naples tries to invade Hungary but fails due to the alliance of Poland and Hungary, he is defeated by Polish and Hungarian soldiers.


Lev II of Galicia-Volhynia converts to Catholicism and starts the Catholicization of Galicia-Volhynia after his daughter in law Euphemia convinced him to align with the Roman Catholic Church.In 1306, Philip IV, had expelled the Jewish minority from across France, a "shattering" event for most of these communities.


The engagement between Princess Isabella of France and Prince Edward is canceled and she instead marries Wenceslaus III of Bohemia on June 10, 1307, Wenceslaus III becomes a contender for the Holy Roman Empire’s throne.


Anne of Bohemia marries the Prince of France, Louis in 1308, this marriage started the alliance between France and Bohemia which made the Wenceslaus III and his descenants remain in the German throne. Waldemar of Brandenburg marries Agnes of Brandenburg on July 4, 1308.Lev II of Galicia-Volhynia dies. Yuri of Galicia-Volhynia becomes Yuri I of Galicia.


King Adolf of Germany dies on June 4, 1308 and Wenceslaus III of Bohemia is elected as Holy Roman Emperor afterwards due to his prestige and funds.

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