Birth of the Philippine Republic

  • 1896 - Start of the Philippine Revolution
  • 1898 - April 24: the United States government stated support for the Revolutionary government of Aguinaldo in exchange for his co-operation.
  • 1898 - May 1: Commodore George Dewey's Asiatic Fleet attacks Manila
  • 1898 - June 12: after returning to the Philippines in late May, Emilio Aguinaldo proclaims the Philippines independent.
  • 1898 - June 30: Filipino troops besiege Manila.
  • 1898 - July 1: (POD) With no immediate response from the United States forthcoming, as well as being frustrated at the refusal of the Spanish garrison to surrender, General Aguinaldo orders a final assault on Manila.
  • 1898 - July 29: The City of Manila was captured from the Spanish. General Basilio Agustin, the Governor-General of the Philippines, surrendered, his remaining troops offered immediate transport back to Spain, in which Agustin agrees.
  • 1898 - August 6: The Philippine government immediately relocates to Manila and was proclaimed the Capital of the country. The government requested immediate foreign recognition.
  • 1898 - August 30: With Manila now in Filipino hands, the United States government was forced to concede control of the Philippines.
  • 1898 - September 28: United States troops took over the Marianas Islands.
  • 1898 - September 30: President William McKinley reluctantly accepts Philippine Independence over the objections of his vice president Roosevelt.
  • 1898 - December 10: Representatives from the United States, Spain, Cuba and the Philippines meet in Paris to sign the treaty of Paris. The Spaniards were forced to concede independence of Cuba and the Philippines, as well as the cession of Puerto Rico and the Mariana Islands to the United States. Eventually, the remaining parts of the Spanish East Indies were sold to Germany.
  • 1899 - January: by then, most of the remaining Philippine republics like the Negros Republic have submitted themselves to Aguinaldo's rule.
  • 1899 - January 8: the Philippine government signs an agreement with German government to help them build the Philippine Army.
  • 1899 - February: the ragtag Philippine navy sends the Philippine Army troops into Zamboanga and force the remnant Spanish garrison to surrender.
  • 1899 - April 2: the Spanish garrison in Zamboanga surrenders and was given transport back home. They left behind their weapons in which the Filipinos capture for use and reverse-engineering.
  • 1899 - April 15: President Aguinaldo approves the request of the Sulu Sultanate to have their state become a special protectorate of the Philippines. However, there are some evidence this is written under duress.

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