This is the timeline of Land of Empires in which Lenin gets shot ...


1918 - 1919

23rd January 1918: Lenin gets assassinated after leaving his house in the morning. This means the Communists lose the Russian civil war and the Monarchy survives. (POD)

May 1918: The Communist Revolution is crushed by the White Army.

11th November 1918: World War One ends as in the OTL.

December 1918: Hitler gets a painting job, so he doesn't join the Nazis.

1919: America pays millions of pounds to France to rebuild the country. This makes France more pro-American.

1920 - 1929

January 1921: Russo-Japanese relations begin to deteriorate with many right-wing members of the Russian parliament pushing for war with Japan to reclaim its lost territory from the First Russo-Japanese War. 

5 May 1921: Due to the possibility of Russian victory against Japan if both countries go to war, the Republics of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia form the Baltic Union.

4 July 1921: After nearly two months of state visits and meetings, the Second Polish Republic and the Baltic Union form the Republic of Poland-Lithuania to counter possible Russian aggression. 

October 1922: The March of Rome happens. Benito Mussolini takes control over the country. Britain aids the Fascists. Some Nationalists plan to take over the country.

October 1922: With Fascists successfully taking over Italy, Fascist Revolutions in Russia begin. Britain aids the rebellions. The Russian Empire asks if America would loan them some money and sign an alliance with them. America agrees to get back at Britain. The New Entente is formed. America, France and Russia.

November 1922: The freedom plan is made. Nationalists persuade Somalia to declare independence. The Somalian war of independence begins.

Late November 1922: In Somalia, Libya and Enteric, democratic revolutions begin.

1922-1925: Italian Civil War

December 1922: The Republic of Italy invades Libya due to the Libyan revolution failing. In response to that Britain invades Libya.

April 1922: British Invasion of Libya fails, British troops withdraw to the border. They demand a treaty to end the war in North Africa. The Treaty of Alexandria made, Britain seizes land to the Republic of Italy.

January 1924: Somalian war of independence finishes with rebel victory, the country called the Somalian Republic.

March 1924: Enteric War of Independence finishes with rebels victory, the country is called Enteric Great Republic.

September 1925: The two sides agree to peace in the Treaty of Milan. North Italy is democratic while South Italy is Fascist. Rome, half destroyed, is split in half. North Italy joins the New Entente while South Italy signs an Italo-British alliance.

1928: The Wall Street collapse one year earlier in this ATL. This affects Germany and Russia the most.

1930 - 1939

1930: King George VI assassinated. Britain falls into anarchy. Scotland and Northern Ireland declare independence. Northern Ireland and Ireland join together to make the Union of Ireland. Scotland joins the New Entente.

1931: A war begins between South Italy and North Italy, with France quickly joining North Italy. The so-called Corsica war ends with South Italy being crushed by the end of the year.

1932: The New Entente begins to invade British Africa, taking over much of it. They fund rebel groups, notably the Zulu, so when British forces capitulate, the Zulu are given a large independent nation in South Africa, and quickly join the New Entente.

1932: India declares independence from Britain, and is able to separate with little British intervention.

Ideas for 30s:

  • South Italy vs France and North Italy, the war is called the Corsica War and ends in North Italy victory. South Italy is defeated and what's left of Britain hasn't got any allies.
  • New Entente invasion of British Africa.
  • India declares independence from Britain and joins the New Entente.
  • American invasion of Australia and New Zealand.
  • German Civil War happens: Communist vs Monarchist, it ends up in a draw.
  • New Entente continue to expand.
  • Communist alliance formed with various members. Communist Germany is the head member.
  • Islamic Empire of Persia is formed.
  • Rise of Communism.

1940 - 1949

Ideas for 40s:

  • WW2 begins/ends, Communist vs New Entente vs rebels. Ends in mainly rebel victory (Communism destroyed)
  • Cold War begins between New Entente vs everyone else.
  • 2nd American Civil War: USA vs Anti-American alliance (change name if wrong).
  • USA dissolution.

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