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19th Century

1866 - 1870

  • Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Flag of Prussia June 14th, 1866 - Austria declares war on Prussia with the reasoning of restoring Prussian obedience to the German Confederation. A few days after the declaration, members of the German Confederation decide which side they should side one, mainly with Southern German states siding with Austria, and Northern German states siding with Prussia. Italy also enters into the conflict, due to an alliance with Prussia.
  • Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Flag of Italy (1861-1946) June 24th, 1866 - In the first official military engagement of the war, Italian troops launch an offensive against the Austrian Imperial army. The Italians decisively lose to the Austrians, with the Austrians advancing to capture the bridges across the poorly defended Mincio River in order to prevent any future Italian advancements into Venetia.
  • Flag of Prussia - June 30th, 1866 - Crown Prince Fredrick comes down with cholera. It was suspected that he caught the sickness when he had decided to inspect troops earlier in the day, and passed by several infected persons on his journey. Nonetheless, his troops still advance southward into Austrian territory, but at a slower pace due to the condition of the commanding Crown Prince.
  • Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Flag of Prussia - July 3rd-5th, 1866 - Austrian troops engage Prussian troops at the River Elbe, close to the city of Königgrätz. The Prussians hold their ground until Austrian troops launch a counterattack against the Prussian 1st and Elbe Armies, effectively fighting the Prussians into an even worse position. Later, an hour before sunset, the Prussian 7th Army arrives with it's Crown Prince Fredrick, still feeling I'll from the sickness. Fighting continues overnight, with the Prussians only taking heavy losses during the fighting. At the break of dawn the next morning, Prussian troops go into a full retreat from the Austrians, hoping to escape with their lives. This is considered to be the decisive battle in the Austro-Prussian War.
  • Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Flag of Prussia - August 23rd, 1866 - The Austrian Empire and Prussia come to a compromise ending the roughly two month war in the German Confederation. Prussia shall cede the Rhine Province, Westphalia, Holstein, and Sleshwig to the Austrian Empire. Prussia also must pay war reparations for all of the combatants it had fought in the war.
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) - January 17th, 1867 - The Austrian Empire re-organizes itself as the Kingdom of Austria-Hungary to represent the Hungarians whom have been under the Habsburg flag for centuries.

1870 - 1880

  • Flag of France Flag of Prussia - July 19th, 1870 - France declares war on Prussia after Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismark provoked the French Empire by appearing that the French had been insulted. The Prussians quickly mobilize their troops, hoping to gain the upper hand quickly in the conflict.

1880 - 1890

1890 - 1899

20th Century