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This page serves as the overview timeline for the Knightfall timeline.

Points of Divergence


Ögedei Khan, a ruler of the Mongol Empire who opened the Mongols to Central and Western Europe.

In our timeline, Tolui, brother of Ögedei sacrificed himself in order to cure Ögödei from a very severe illness during a campaign in China. The shamans had determined that the root of Ögödei's illness were China's spirits of earth and water, who were upset that their subjects had been driven away and their land devastated. Offering land, animals, and people had only led to an aggravation of Ögödei's illness, but when they offered to sacrifice a family member, Ögödei got better immediately. Tolui volunteered and died directly after consuming a cursed drink. Ögedei kept peace among his family, criticizing his son and Chagatai's grandson. The sudden death of Tolui seems to have affected him deeply. Tolui sacrificed his own life, accepting a poisoned drink in shamanist ritual in order to save Ögedei who was suffering from illness. In Knightfall, Chagatai sent an entrusted official to convince Ogedei to control his habits, influcing him to reduce the cups he drank per day. Had this not happened, Ögedei would fall victim to alcoholism. 

Detailed Timeline

Abridged Timeline

Thirteenth Century

  • 1206 - Temüjin from the Orkhon Valley, upon the completion of his domination over Mongolia, receives the title Chinggis Khan, thought to mean Universal Ruler or, Oceanic Ruler or Firm, Resolute Ruler
  • 1207 - The Mongols launch an invasion of Western Xia, comprising much of northwestern China and parts of Tibet.
  • 1210 - The Mongol campaign in Western Xia ends, with the ruler of Western Xia submitting to Genghis Khan. During this period, the Uyghur Turks also submitted peacefully to the Mongols and became valued administrators throughout the empire. Classical Mongolian script is created during this period.
  • 1211 - Genghis Khan leads his armies across the Gobi Desert against the Jin Dynasty of northern China.
  • 1215 - The Jin capital of Zhongdu is captured by the Mongols, following their success at the Battle of Zhongdu.
  • 1218 - Zhetysu and the Tarim Basin are captured by the Mongols, who occupy Kashgar.
  • 1218 - The execution of Mongol envoys by the Khwarezmian Shah Muhammad set in motion the first Mongol westward thrust.
  • 1219 - The Mongols cross the Jaxartes and begin their invasion of Transoxiana.
  • 1219 – 1221 - Concurrent to the campaign in China, the Mongols launch a war into central Asia against the Khwarezmid Empire, invading from several directions at once. Genghis Khan and a select number of special units personally find and kill Ala al-Din Muhammad II, the Kharazm shah, who was discovered on an island in the Caspian Sea.
  • 1223 - At the Battle of the Kalka River the Mongols decisively defeat an alliance of Rus' states and Slavic warriors, paving the way for full scale invasion into the Rus'.
  • 1227 - Genghis Khan dies, and Mongol leaders are called back to Mongolia for kuriltai.
  • 1229 - Ögedei is elected as the Great Khan, as successor to Genghis Khan.
  • 1232 - The Mongols lay siege to Kaifeng, and are targeted by missile-rockets used by the Jurcheds.
  • 1234 - The city of Caizhou falls to the Mongols and the Jun Emperor Aizong commits suicide, leaving the Jin Dynasty conquered.
  • 1236 - Mongol forces in Asia launch an invasion of Korea. At the same time renewed operations in Europe begin.
  • 1236-1237 - The Mongol-Song war begins.
  • 1237 - Under the leadership of Batu Khan, the Mongols return to Europe and began their campaign to subjugate the Kievan Rus'.
  • 1236-1239 - The Mongol invasion of Georgia and Armenia under Chormaqan take place.
  • 1240 - The city of Kiev falls to Mongol forces.
  • 1241 - Mongol forces invade Central Europe and ravage Hungary and southern Poland.
  • 1241 PoD - Ögedei Khan doesn't die from a bout of drinking with Abd-ur-Rahman.

Fourteenth Century

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