April 1788- George, Prince of Wales, marries his Catholic mistress Maria Fitzbert secretly.

September 1788- King George III becomes seriously ill and becomes deranged, by tradition a regent must be appointed, Prince George will likely be appointed to this position.

October 1788- As the regency crisis continues gossip reveals that Prince George had married his Catholic mistress, this was a shattering blow to the prince and he is quickly dropped from the line of succession.

November 1788- Prince William (younger brother of George) is made Regent and quickly informs Parliament that he does not want to remain his father's stand-in for long.


July 1789- A giant mob of French peasants storm the once thought powerful Bastille prison in Paris, with revolution spreading across France, Prince William urges Parliament to pass a law making him fully king.

October 1789- The March on Versailles takes place were the French royal family are arrested by the revolutionaries. Things get much more serious and Parliament starts to discuss ways of giving the Regent necessary kingship.

December 1789- After two months of discussion the Regent is officially made king after King George III's doctors make it clear that the king may never fully recover.


March 1790- William is crowned king in Westminster Abbey, supporters of Prince George protest Williams right to the crown.

July 1790- First serious Rebellion breaks out against William IV since he was crowned, Britain could now be on the fringes of civil war.

November 1790- Civil war is announced after Prince George hangs his own personal flag in Cardiff, the First British Civil war has begun. Prince George's control Wales, Cornwall and Northern Scotland, King William's government controls most of England and Southern Scotland.

December 1790- George's army attempts to march on Edinburgh, but fails. However, pushing into western England proved a success.


February 1791- Prince George's army seems to be pushing into England nicely. However, he is is losing ground to his brother in Northern Scotland.

April 1791- Oxford is captured by Prince George's army. Prince William attempts to seize the North, the bloody war continues.

May 1791- Prince George attempts to march on London but fails, King William pushes into Northern Wales, siege of Edinburgh begins.

June, July and August 1791- Civil war continues, Edinburgh falls to George's army,Governments forces take Oxford back, George's army advances on Birmingham.

September and October 1791- Attempt on King William's life fails, Manchester is secured by Government forces, Scotland is now fully in control of George's forces.

December 1791- Prime Minister William Pitt betrays King William by allowing George's troops to enter London unharmed. King William flees.


January to April 1792- Bad news from France: King Louis XVI is guillotined, weakening the monarchy back home. Siege of Birmingham is lifted, Manchester falls but Liverpool is secured. Government forces push back into Scotland.

May to August 1792- Cardiff is taken in June. Birmingham falls to government forces, second siege of Edinburgh begins, most of northern England is now under government control.

August to December 1792- Civil war continues to rage, London falls in November to Government forces. Prince George escapes though the Prime minister doesn't, he is imprisoned.


January to March 1793- Battle of Edinburgh is fought, Government forces win and by late March Prince George's army falls to pieces, he is captured and taken back to London for trial. He is found guilty and exiled to the British colonies in Canada while William Pitt is exiled to Ireland (surprisingly not executed). First British civil war ends.


May 1794- William IV marries his cousin Duchess Augusta of Brunswick-Wolfenbütle (Who did not die in 1788 like in OTL)

July 1794- France declares war on Britain, Britain starts to blockade France.

October 1794- The New Prime Minister, Henry Addington, calls for a seizure of French colonies in America, this is dismissed by Parliament as to costly.


April 1795- Austria seizes most of Normandy, while Prussian forces are almost at the gates of Paris,

July 1795- Queen Augusta gives birth to a daughter who is named Charlotte.

November 1795- Prussia seizes Paris, while Britain continues to siege the country.


March 1796- King Charles IV of Spain is assassinated and a Revolution breaks out, the Spanish start to push Austrian and Prussian troops out of France with the help of a young general, Napoleon Bonaparte.

June 1796- Paris is retaken, Napoleon invades Italy with a combination of Spanish troops, Britain warns France that if they do not stop then France should fear the wrath of the British navy, Parliament passes the "Guards act", a confirmation for the creation of a special unit of bodyguards to protect the Royal family.

September 1796- Most of Northern Italy is in French hands, the British navy attempt to bombard several coastlines in Italy.


February 1797- First bodyguards go into service for the Royal family. The guards are to be known as "The High Royal Guard Division". There is to be 200 hundred of them at the most.

August to December 1797- France now has control of all of Italy, Napoleon invades Northern Africa in December, assassination attempt against King William's life is foiled by the High Royal Guard, William decides to create a police force directly controlled by the monarch, it's called "The Monarchs hand", Denmark attacks French ships in its waters.


January and February 1798- Napoleon seizes most of Northern Africa except for Egypt where he is bogged down by British forces.

March 1798- Queen Augusta gives birth to her second child, a girl who is named Anne Victoria.

May 1798- The Irish Rebellion takes place and hundreds are killed, however, the rebellion is suppressed. Some in Parliament suggest joining Ireland with the United Kingdom, Napoleon is forced to retreat from Egypt, Tsar Paul dies and is succeeded by Alexander, his son who is against war with France.

November 1798- "The Monarchs hand" arrests several thought to be French spies, they are all hanged without trial.


March 1799- Prime minister Henry Addington resigns and is replaced by William Grenville.

July 1799- Napoleon returns to France to find the country in disarray.

December 1799- Napoleon seizes power through a coup, he declares himself "Director" of the French people, France makes peace with Britain and most of Europe.


January 1800- With the French Revolutionary wars at a end Europe is once again slightly more peaceful, King William IV has a day of celebration to celebrate the new century.


1801- Ireland after some debate is allowed into the union, Britain's official name is now "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland". The Union flag is also changed to include Ireland's cross.


November 1802- Queen Augusta gives birth to her third child, a daughter who is named Alexandra.


1803- William Grenville resigns as prime minister, his successor is Thomas Pennyworth.


1804- Napoleon makes himself Emperor of France, he attacks Spain, his once great ally, and the Dutch Republic.


May 1805- Britain, Prussia, Russia and Austria form a coalition to stop France.

September 1805- Queen Augusta gives birth to her fourth and final child. Another girl who is named Augusta, after the queen.

December 1805- Napoleon has now conquered Spain and the Dutch Republic, he pushes into Northern Italy.


January to June 1806- Napoleon's troops march through Northern Prussia, King Frederick William III calls for British help. All of Italy officially join the French empire, Portuguese royal family flees to Brazil as French troops invade. William Pitt dies in exile in Ireland.

December 1806- A new Ambassador is appointed from America to Britain, he makes it clear to King William that he will maintain the United States' neutrality just as his predecessor did.


January 1807- Thomas Pennyworth resigns his position, Henry Addington is becomes prime minister once again.

February 1807- Napoleon invades Denmark, Austria starts to collapse in, the Ottoman Empire join the coalition against Napoleon.

March 1807- Prince George escapes from Canada and heads for Europe, he arrives in France and promises the French government that they can take Britain, he will make sure as king that Britain will remain a Protectorate of the French empire.

April to July 1807- Russia attacks french shipping in the Baltic Sea, Tsar Alexander orders the invasion of Sweden who ally themselves with the French.

August 1807- Henry Addington suffers a Heart attack and dies, he is replaced by Timothy Channing.

September to December 1807- France conquers most of Prussia, Denmark falls and the Danish royal family flee to Iceland. Napoleon begins his invasion of Norway while he also secretly prepares for the Invasion of Britain.


January 1808- Prince George is put in charge of the invasion force of Britain, Portugal finally falls after two years of fighting, the Siege of Vienna begins.

February and March 1808- Berlin falls to French troops, Prussian royal family flees over the border to Russia. Norway falls to Napoleon.

April 1808- France sails its Armada across the English Channel to attack Britain, though on April 16th the First battle of the English Channel takes place, utterly desolating the French Armada, the Admiral of the British fleet was Lord Horatio Nelson.

May 1808- Sweden falls to Russian forces. A combined French naval fleet attempt to invade Britain again. This time there is support from Norway. The second battle of the English Channel takes place on May 24th, the British lose and Lord Nelson is almost killed after his command ship is battered by French cannon fire. He manages to make it back to England. French troops land in Southern England and Ireland.

June to August 1808- Prince George arrives in South England as commander in chief of the British Invasion task force. He marches on Southampton, Reading and Oxford, successfully taking all three cities. British troops in Ireland are pushed back to Dublin.

September 1808- London is marched on by French troops resulting in the Battle of London, the Royal family and the government are evacuated to Birmingham. Siege of Dublin begins, General Arthur Wellesley leads the assault against the French.

October to December 1808- Cardiff is marched on and taken by the French, Prince George attempts to attack Birmingham but is deemed to risky for the moment.


January to April 1809- General Wellesley successfully conducts the counter-attack against the French, Siege of Dublin is lifted, all of Wales in now under French control, Napoleon arrives in England and takes full command of the Invasion force with Prince George as second in command.

May to October 1809- War is conducted successfully against the French, General Wellesley marches into Wales. Prince George's army takes severe damage in Northern Wales, riots in London.

October to December 1809- The British start to Naval fight the French.


January to April 1810- Oxford is marched on by Wellesley's forces, most of Wales is now under British control, extreme rioting in Cardiff forces the French to leave in April.

May 1810- Siege of London starts, Cardiff is marched on, now all of Wales is under British control.

June 1810- Siege of London ends, the city falls to General Wellesley's forces, Napoleon escapes capture however.

July to October 1810- Cornwall is the last place on the island of Great Britain which is in French hands, after more months of fighting the French are pushed back across the English Channel, Prince George is captured in October while trying to escape.

November 1810- The Government and Royal family return to London, Prince George is tried for treachery, he is found Guilty and once again sentenced to exile, but should he return to Britain or Ireland, he is warned he shall be hanged.

December 1810- Emperor Napoleon of France announces he shall continue the war until France's enemies are taught a lesson.


January 1811- Emperor Napoleon invades Russia.

May 1811- Timothy Channing steps down as Prime minister, he is succeeded by William Wilberforce, a staunch man totally against the slave and and slavery in general, most support him for these ideals. However, due to close relationship with former prime minister and traitor William Pitt, some people are weary of him.

October 1811- Sweden is finally given independence as a Russian Protectorate.


January 1812- The United States looks for ways to expand Northward, the failure of the Louisiana purchase a few years earlier has caused incapability to Push westward, the British start to worry about America's territorial ambitions.

June 1812- War is declared on Britain by the United States. However, the American government underestimates Britain's position in Canada.

September 1812- General Arthur Wellesley arrives in Canada and quickly turns the situation around by pushing the American army back.

December 1812- After months of heavy fighting most Northern states are in British hands including New York and Massachusetts.


February 1813- British forces under Wellesley march on Philadelphia, only seven months of fighting have rendered the American army useless.

March 1813- James Madison and is wife First Lady Dolley flee Washington D.C as General Wellesley and his forces take the city, Wellesley orders the White House and certainly most of the city to be burned down, an event which becomes known as "The Burning of Washington" nothing is saved and many valuables perish in the fires.

April 1813- Last Battle of the war is fought outside Richmond, Virginia. General Andrew Jackson is killed during the fighting.

May 1813- The United States surrenders, America gives the Ohio lands to Britain. It's a great blow to the United States of America. The First British-American war ends.

June 1813- Prime minister William Wilberforce starts to discuss ways for the abolition of Slavery and the slave trade outright and uses the image of the "evil American slaveholders" as propaganda.


1814- "The Monarch's hand" captures a young man by the name of "James Sully" in Scotland who they suspect of rebellious acts. After interrogation, it turns out his real name is James Stuart and he is a member of the exiled Stuart family. He is executed secretly, condemned a public menace.


1815- The Netherlands gain independence from the French Empire. It is a Kingdom with Wilhelm I as King.


1816- President of the United States James Madison is elected out office and is replaced by William Sharp who promises to "Unite, the United States of America".


1818- Charlotte, Princess of Wales marries Prince Ernest Augustus of Bavaria, son of the King. After years of campaigning in Russia, the French are forced to make peace and retreat.


1819- Prime minister William Wilberforce states that if the question of slavery is not dealt with soon then it will have to go completely within six years.


March 1820- The Prince and Princess of Wales' first child is born, a boy who they decide to name Augustus, after his father "Ernest Augustus"

May 1820- "The King Former" (George III) dies at the age of 81 after seeing his grandchildren and one great grandchild born. The Prime Minister orders a day of mourning.

November 1820- President William Sharp is elected out of office, he is replaced by Connor Stewart.


1821- Austria signs Armistice with Russia, Austria gains land.


1822- Revolution breaks out in Louisiana, rebel forces march on New Orleans.


January 1823- Charlotte has her second child, a boy who is named William James.

June 1823- Revolution continues in Louisiana, President Connor Stewart states that the United States will not become involved in a purely French matter. Emperor Joseph appeals for calm but that does little good.

1824- The White House, the United States presidential palace is finally reconstructed. However, much of Washington's government buildings are still burnt out. President Connor Stewart is elected for a second term.

June 1825- Much of Louisiana is in Rebel hands, the government is pinned to the north.

July 1825- Princess Charlotte has her third child, a boy who is named George Ernest.

October 1825- After years of discussion, the Slave trade is abolished in the British Empire. However, slavery is still legal. Prime minister Wilberforce states he will not rest until slavery is dealt with once and for all.

February 1826- Louisiana finally gains independence from France by pushing the last of the government troops out. The Republic of Louisiana is declared with Henri de Clement as the first President.

October 1826- A year after the slave trade is abolished in the British empire, Slavery is abolished as well, Prime minister Wilberforce says his life work is done.

December 1826- Princess Charlotte's fourth child is born, a girl who is named Augusta Mary, after her mother Queen Augusta.

1827- Spain gains Independence from the French empire, Denmark invades Norway, Tsar Constantine takes a heart attack and dies, he is succeeded by his son as Constantine II.

1828- War between Denmark and Norway continues, Prime Minister Wilberforce retires from office, he is succeeded by Robert Phillips, President Connor Stewart leaves office, he is succeeded by George Curtis. Princess Charlottes fifth child is born in August, a girl who is named Alexandra Catherine.

March 1829- President Curtis of the United States promises better work for people down in the south.

September 1829- Rebellion In India against British rule, a few hundred are killed.

February 1830- The Portuguese royal family are welcomed back to their newly independent home country, after spending 25 years in exile.

June 1830- Prince George dies in exile in Canada, he leaves behind his wife and six children.

1831- Prime Minister Robert Philips decides to strengthen India and British ties by increasing the Politicians from India

July 1832- Princess Charlotte has her sixth and final child, a boy is named Frederick.

November 1832- War between Spain and Britain break out after American colony arguments, President George Curtis is elected for a second time.

January 1833- Britain invades New Spain, General Wellesley leads the troops.

March to September 1833- Fighting continues in New Spain, the Spanish invade Florida. General Wellesley attempts to attack Mexico City.

October to December 1833- Mexico City is marched on for a second time by the British, it is successful, Spanish lose ground in Florida.

January to June 1834- Fighting continues in New Spain as the Spanish lose ground, Spanish are completely pushed out of Florida. However, naval fighting continues in the Caribbean.

July 1834- Lord Horatio Nelson dies of depression.

August to December 1834- Most of New Spain is in British hands, with forces low the Spanish surrender in December.

January 1835- Treaty of Madrid, the Spanish are forced to give all colonial possessions north of Mexico City to Britain including the Island of Cuba.

February 1835- Queen Augusta dies at the age of 69, the nation goes into mourning.

May 1835- General Wellesley announces he will retire from the army to go into politics.

January 1836- William Wilberforce dies at the age of 76, a massive memorial is built outside the House of Parliament to house his body and memory.

April 1836- Assassination attempt is made on King William's life while attending an opera with his family in April, but it is foiled by the High Royal Guard.

November 1836- President George Curtis drops from office, Quincy Biddle is elected into the office of president.

June 1837- King William IV dies at the age of 71, he is succeeded by his eldest daughter Charlotte.

1838- Queen Charlotte I's coronation takes place in Westminster Abby. Prime Minister Robert Phillips resigns, Arthur Wellesley is elected as prime minister.

1839, 1840- Prime minister Wellesley decides to attack the Chinese hoping to gain colonies in the region, Quincy Biddle is elected out after only one term in office, he is succeeded by Charles Chester.

1841- Fighting continues in China, Queen Charlotte opens the Grand Edinburgh museum with honours to its curator. The Prince of Wales, Augustus, marries Alexandra of Prussia.

March 1842- The British blockade Hong Kong, Rebellion in India again, it is put down brutally.

May 1842- The Prince and Princess of Wales have their first child, a son who is named Charles.

August 1843- Louisiana gets Robèrt Velho as president after Henri de Clement dies, they decide that a president well be restricted to a five-year term of only three terms.

April 1844- War in China ends, the British gain much land there including the port of Hong Kong.

July 1844- Emperor Joseph of France dies, he is succeeded by his eldest daughter as Empress Zénaïde I.

November 1844- President Charles Chester is elected out of office, he is succeeded by Collin Duke.

December 1844- The Prince and Princess of Wales have their second child, a girl who is named Mary.

1845- Revolution breaks out in Texas, British troops are moved in to keep the peace.

1846- Revolution continues in Texas, in June Princess Alexandra of Wales has her third child, a son who is named Henry.

1847- After two years of bloody warfare Texas gets peaceful desolation, the Republic of Texas is born with Steven Marrygold as president. The country has good relations with Britain.

September 1848- Princess Alexandra dies while giving birth to her fourth child, a girl who is named Alexandra in her memory.

November 1848- Collin Duke is elected for a second term as President.

1849- Prince Augustus marries Sophie of the Netherlands, her previous husband died in 1846. Prime Minister Wellesley introduces the five-year term system to the United Kingdom, it means that there must be an election every five years to determine who should be prime minister, it will come into force the year after.

June 1850- Prime Minister Arthur Wellesley stands for prime minister even in his old age, he is elected in again.

October 1850- Prince Augustus and Princess Sophie have their first child together, a girl who they name Elizabeth.

1851- The United States attempts to seize Louisiana territory but it just ends in war between the two nations, Italy is now mostly unified.

1852- Tsar Constantine II dies, he is succeeded by his son Tsar Constantine III. James Buchanan is elected President, he says he hopes to be victorious in the war against Louisiana.

March 1854- After three years of war the United States lose the war with Louisiana, most Americans put the blame solely at the hands of their corrupt government.

August 1854- Empress Zénaïde of France dies at the age of 53. She is succeeded by her son Joseph who becomes Emperor Joseph II of the French.

1855- Arthur Wellesley steps down from the office of Prime Minister of Britain, he retires to a quiet life in Ireland. He is succeeded by Gordon Thomas.

January 1856- The Princess of Wales has another child despite rumours that the relationship with her husband has gone sour, a girl who is named Phillipa Sophie.

October 1856- Revolution in Venice leads to the Kingdom of Venice being declared, their King is Lorenzo Barbarigo, who is the leader of a powerful Venetian noble family.

November 1856- James Buchanan doesn't run for a second term president. He is succeeded by Christian Zachary.

1857- Britain begins to colonise more and more of Asia, France invades the German Duchies.

April 1857- Prince Augustus and Princess Sophie have their final child, a boy who is named James Frederick.

August 1857- Second Irish rebellion takes place, hundreds are killed in Dublin.

1858- In objection to President Zachary's policies some students set fire to the partially completed US Capitol building, most of it burned down and has to be completely rebuilt. To save money plans for a smaller dome on the building are made.

1859- Milan becomes a Republic, the President of Milan is Marco Tuvali.

May 1860- Gordon Thomas steps down from office and Benjamin Disraeli, the new Prime Minister, suggests to Queen Charlotte that she have Arthur Wellesley Knighted, she acts on her new Prime Minister's advice and invites Wellesley to Buckingham where he is knighted. He says it is honour and a surprise for him to treasure in the final years of his life.

July 1860- Britain invades Japan and the Anglo-Japanese war begins.

November 1860- Christian Zachary is elected out of office and Abraham Lincoln becomes president, the United States is at boiling point.

December 1860- Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Floridia and Tennessee secede from the Union and form the Confederate States of America, the CS Capital is Atlanta, Georgia (not Richmond as in OTL) This is where the new Confederate States President Thomas Jefferson Randolph, Jr. The CS says they are tired of Northern tyranny, President Lincoln gives them one month to disband.

January 1861- The Confederate states do not heed President Lincoln's warning, Lincoln, without much choice, declares war on the seceded states, Britain and Louisiana say that they will stay neutral.

May 1861- Confederate and Union forces continue to clash on all fronts, President Randolph orders all Union soldiers who are captured are to be killed.

September 1861- Tsar Constantine III thinks of making a constitution for Russia.

December 1861- The Kingdom of Italy is declared, however Sardinia is a Independent republic and Sicily is an independent kingdom, Venice and Milan also remain independent.

March 1862- Arthur Wellesley dies at the age of 94. To commemorate him a column and tomb are built for him in Charing Square in London. It is renamed Wellesley Square in his honour and his body is moved to a crypt beneath the column which is accessed through the "tomb" entrance on ground level. Anybody can now pay a visit to Wellesley and pay their respects. Queen Charlotte, herself, attends his funeral.

December 1862- The American Civil war turns even bloodier. When both sides decide to primarily change to trench warfare, thousands are killed.

April 1863- War with Britain and Japan finally ends, a lot of land is gained on the Japanese islands by Britain.

September 1863- Fighting is pushed into Northern Virginia, the Unionists are losing the war.

November 1863- The German Duchies slowly begin to unify.

February 1864- The Union forces are forced to retreat as the Confederate army marches into Maryland, Abraham Lincoln flees the doomed capital with his family as the Confederate forces occupy and burn the city down.

March 1864- Confederate forces continue to march northward, the possibility of peace is discussed.

November 1864- Lincoln is elected in for an second term, albeit by a very narrow vote.

January 1865- With little choice, the United States makes peace with the Confederate States of America, all original land which stayed with the Union is returned in favour of Confederate Independence.

May 1865- Benjamin Disraeli is elected in for a second term as prime minister

June 1865- Tsar Constantine III officially creates a constitution for Russia, Russia is now a constitutional monarchy.

September 1865- Emperor Joseph II of France dies, he is succeeded by his nephew as Emperor Lucien I

1866- Britain starts to stretch over most of North Africa. The United States is on the verge of collapse. Russia is starting to modernise. Canada becomes a country in its own right. Prince Charles marries Grand Duchess Catharina Feodorovna of Russia.

March 1867- The Alaskan war of Independence begins, due to the United States being broke and the Confederate States showing no interest the small Alaskan population are forced to fight for Independence.

August 1867- Princess Catherine of Wales gives birth to her first child, William.

December 1867- The Japaneses attack British camps in the south of the home islands, the Second Anglo-Japaneses begins.

March 1868- Queen Charlotte I of Britain dies at the age of 73, she is succeeded by her son as King Augustus I. Charlotte's funeral takes place a few days later in London.

September 1868- Third Irish rebellion which takes place primarily in Ulster is put down severely, a young man named Robert Mcilroy speaks against this "butchery".

November 1868- Lincoln steps down as President in disgrace, he retires to his private estate in New York.

April 1869- Coronation of King Augustus I takes place in Westminster Abbey.

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