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POD: In March 1920 when the Freikorps march on Berlin the pathetic Weimar resistance is useless and Kapp is appointed Chancellor.&nbsp

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March The Kapp putsch is successful and Berlin is captured without a shot being fired. Within a week Dresden and Leipzig are also in Freikorp hands.

April The putsch gets more successful and by late April all of northern Germany is under the Nationalists.

May Ebert is captured and arrested as an enemy of the state.

June All of Germany is now under Kapp's control and he is appointed Chancellor.

August Freikorp forces attack Denmark and Poland in a bid to win back more land.

October All of Denmark now controlled by Kapp, the corridor also captured. Peace and alliance made with Poland against Soviets.

December War with Soviets ends. Poland and Germany become close allies.


February German re-armament begins. Act of union with Poland signed, Poland to become a separate Republic and to have its own Chancellor but President to Rule Germany and Poland. Kapp becomes President, Ehrhardt becomes Chancellor.

April Mass industrialisation programme begins. Germany should be able to pay off reparations in ten years.

May A treaty of Berlin reparations are doubled in exchange for expanded army and navy. Within a month 250,000 soldiers are training.


June Kapp dies of cancer, Von Tirpitz becomes President.



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