1 Jan 1940,Union of Britain surrender to United Kingdom, UK regains all Africa, America, India colony from Canada.

5 Jan 1940, UK joins Mitteleuropa.

6 Jan 1940, Russia claim the Moscow area from Germany.

8 Jan 1940, Qing Empire delares war to Chinese Republic, Canton falls to Qing. Chiang Kai-shek establish the Canton Kuo Min Government (Canton Nationalist Government)

Mao Ze Dong establishes Chinese Soviet Republic, who capital Yan'an, claims most of China. Russia White Army attack Red Army in Siberia. CSA starting their 3th Five Year Project.

1941 Mao Ze Dong failed to controls more land from Qing army. Japan Communist Party defeated at Kyoto. Korea leaves Japan's Alliance. Mail independent from National France.


Cuba falls to CSA army. Hawaii coup to Democracy. Qing annex Yannan clique. Colombia army defeated at Panama Channel. Colombia signed Peace Treaty with Internationale specially CSA.


German King Wilhelm II dies. Germany remige to Federal Parliamentary Republic with Muitl-Party. Netherland independent from Germany. Germany recognize Netherland. Indonesia independent from Dutch East Indian. Qing Empire declares war to Mongolia.


UK regains North France from Germany. National France annex Mail. South Africa signed peace treaty with Mittelafrika. India Dominion disclaimer some territory who controls under Tibet. Japan lost their suzerain relationship with Transamur and Korea. Japanese Emperor was assassination by JCP (Japanese Communist Party, Nihon Kyōsan-tō). Japan civil war begins.


Carlist Spain lost their colony in the West Africa. Austria gains East Vienna from Hungary and Germany. Mitteleuropa reshuffle Koalition der europäischen. May revolution begin at Korea by W.P.K (Worker's Party of Korea).


Croatia joins Koalition der europäischen, Italy re-controls Libya. Carlist Spain 1946 elections, Democracy Party won. Portugal propose build a alliance with Spain. Spain not accepts. Brazil Revolution. Australasia divide into two pieces. Australia and New Zealand. West Australia independent from Australia.


Fengtian Clique don't joins Qing Empire. Peking falls to Fengtian Clique. Shangqing Tianguo retreat to Xibei San Ma. Republic of China gains Hainan, Bao'an, Macao, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai from Legation Cities under German offers. UK gains Hong Kong from Legation Cities under German offers. Mittelafika gains Portuguese South Africa.


Shangqing Tianguo surrender to Kuomintang army. Republic of Macao attacks Chu Hai. Republic of Macao joins Canton Kuo Min Government. Portugal gains Macau. Formosa revolution, Formosa People's Army (FPA) attack Japanese soldier in Taitung (East Taiwan). Mao Ze Dong dies in Yan'an by Qing's bombing. Chinese Soviet Republic disintegration. Some Red Revolutionaries joins Kuomintang. Chiang Kai-shek ready for attack Qing. German gives Stalingrad to Russia.


Qing soldier doesn't want to fighting. They joins Kuomintang. KMT army controls Nanking, Tsindao, Tienhsien in a month. Korea independent from Japanese Korea. South Korea still control by Japanese. Japanese surrender of Taiwan sovereignty. Formosa offers to join a new China. KMT controls East China in 3 months. Qing re-capital to Hsinjing. Tibet leaves the Shangqing Clique.



Kuomintang offers Tibet and Sikiang joins New China under local self-government. Tibet and Sikiang accepts. Siberia accident. Siberian wants independent from Russia. New China offers Siberia joins under local self. Siberia accepts. North Korea offensive. Japanese army capture Pyongyang. Japan signed Seoul treaty, Qing entered alliance with Japan, wants to defend their own empires.

10-10-1950Chiang Kai-shek re-establish the Republic of China (like the real world), who controls East Siberia, Manchu, Mongolia, China, some of Middle Asia. The dragon was rising! Republic of Vietnam independent from Germany.

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