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== 1910-1920==


January: Germany resumes unrestricted warfare in the north Atlantic

February: Unknown to the USA or Britain, Mexico receives the Zimmerman Telegram.

February 16th: Mexico invades the southwest United States.

March: Germany makes peace with the provisional government in Russia.

March 1st: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. The United States declares war on Japan

March 21st: Germany begins Operation Michael, a planned offensive on the Western Front against the Allies.

November 5th: Supreme War Council of the Central Powers is created.

July 15th: German forces begin a siege of Paris

August 6th: Paris falls to the Germans.

August 30th: Japan launches a land-invasion of Hawaii, but is repelled.


September 26th: Germany launches Operation Sea-lion, and invades England.

September 29th: France signs an armistice with Germany.

October: The Republic of Russia defeats a Communist takeover by the Bolsheviks. US troops assist the "White" forces in repelling the revolt.

October 10th: US repels the Mexican invasion, and attacks Mexico.

October 24th: Austria-Hungary wins the Battle of Caporetto, and Austrian troops advance into Italy.

October 26th: London falls to advancing German troops. King George dismisses Parliament.

October 30th: The Ottoman Empire collapses. German forces are rushed in to occupy the territory.

November: American forces advance against Japan in the Pacific.

November 3rd: Italy and Austria-Hungary sign a peace armistice.

November 9th: A revolution begins in Britain. The Republic of Britain, or the Worcester Republic, is created.

November 11th: Germany, victorious, signs an armistice with the new government in Britain.

December 1st: American troops enter Mexico City.

December 9th: Armistice signed between Mexico, Japan, and the United States. World War I is over.

1919 and 1920

May 19th, 1919: Turkish war of Independence begins.

June 28th, 1919: Treaty of the Riechstag in ratified in Berlin.

March, 1920: Republic of Russia is stable. American troops exit Russia.


March 18th, 1921: Germany defeats Polish nationalists at the Battle of Warsaw.

February 22nd, 1922: Egypt is declared an independent country, although Germany has the right to military bases and government influence.

June 30th, 1922: Ireland gains full independence from Britain, with the approval of Germany.

October 1922: Benito Mussolini and the "Blackshirts" stage the March on Rome coup.

1924: Scotland breaks away from the Republic of Britain and creates its own Republic of Scotland.

1925: Ireland and Scotland form the Gallic Union. Both states remain allies of Germany.

October 29th, 1929: The New York stock market crashes. The Great Deppression begins.

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