This is the timeline of my alternate history.

AD 150-AD 250


AD 161-Roman scientist Julia makes a sketch of sailboat for long distances which she names Pelagoque (Seafarer), but I will refer to them as caravels.

AD 187-Romans discover Cape Verde Islands and name them Insulae Salutis (Islands of Salvation)

AD 194-The population of Insulae Salutis reaches 100 000.

AD 201-

24 July 201-Roman navy of 1000 caravels with 45,000 sailors sets sail to west.

10 September 201-453 Roman caravels (others drowned) with 18,833 sailors strand on Cozumel during a hurricane. After that they do not go back to Roman Empire and are forgotten.

AD 259-AD 280- Wars with Mayan peoples. In AD 280 there is a Treaty of Tikal. In the Treaty of Tikal Romans and Mayans agree that Roman-Mayan border approximately stretches from Bahia de Chetumal to Dzibilchaltun.

AD 303-Romans conquer southern Florida and name it Seminolia. From now I will refer to Romans in Yucatan, Florida and Cuba as Mesoamerican Romans.

AD 313-Edict of Milan. Religious tolerance is established in Roman Empire.

AD 366-AD 399-Mesoamerican Romans are building Mayan pyramids-inspired Temple of Jupiter.

AD 410-After Alaric's raid, Roman Empire ceases to exist. There is no Byzantine Empire.

AD 518-Mesoamerican Romans conquer Bermuda and name it Inzela de Xcipio (Xcipio's island). Their Latin is developing independently without Mayan influences.

AD 619-Prophet Muhammad begins to spread Islam in Arabic peninsula.

AD 723-After conquering northern Africa, Mesopotamia and Turkey, Abbasid Caliphate is divided to Caliphate of Cordoba, Ummayyad Caliphate and Rashidite Sultanate.

AD 766-The first and still valid grammar of Mesoamerican Romance language. As of today, Mesoamerican Romance language is basically unchanged. Mayan numerals and Angular Romanic (Latin script-derived) alphabet are used in Central America.

AD 949-In spectacular battle of OTL Cardiff, Brythonic peoples expel Anglic peoples from much of Britain.

AD 1102-Croatia enters a personal union with Hungary. Hungarian king Koloman reigns Croatia and Hungary.

AD 1347-AD 1413-After plague of 1347-1352, still powerful Caliphate of Cordoba regains much of Iberian Peninsula in bloody wars. Only Asturia and Euskaraland (OTL Basque Country) are not conquered.

AD 1455-Ottoman Turks establish their nation in northwest of OTL Turkey, near OTL Istanbul.

AD 1459-Mesoamerican Romans navy discovers Iberian Peninsula. They are soon expelled.

AD 1460-Mesoamerican Romans get back to Yucatan. They spread horrible news about Iberian Arabs. In October, Aztec inventor Montezuma invents missiles with five km reach. Mesoamercan Romans buy 150 of them and travel with them to Iberian Peninsula. They come on Christmas and destroy much cities in only three days. On December 30, scared Sultan of Iberian Peninsula gives them OTL Central Portugal to control. Mesoamerican Romans name it Part'az Ant'unuz (Mesoamerican Romance for Port of Antonius).

AD 1464-Ottomans conquer Bulgaria, northern Greece and OTL Macedonia.

AD 1468-Wallachia, Albania, Greece except Peloponese and Crete, Serbia south of Danube, Kosovo, Montenegro and eastern Bosnia are conquered by Ottomans. First battles between Hungaro-Croatia and Ottomans.

AD 1503-Hungaro-Croatia is losing battle after battle with Ottomans. After a decade of scientific research, an A-bomb (YES, an A-bomb!) is detonated in remote valley in Southwest China for celebration of Chinese Emperor's crowning. Croatian merchants are utterly fascinated and manage to get some leftovers of uranium and a recipe to produce an A-bomb.

AD 1516-Mainland North American tribes unite and form an Amerind Confederacy.

AD 1526-After Battle of Mohacs,Croatia declares its independence. Habsburg Kingdom and Ottoman Sultanate instantly declare war to Croatia. From the uranium leftovers Croatia produces two small A-bombs and nuke Vienna and Istanbul. Croatia expands to OTL parts of Hungary west of Danube and Adriatic parts of Republic of Venice.

AD 1556-Karamanid Emirate starts its expansion from OTL southern Turkey. Kingdom of Dalriada is found by uniting of Irrland and Scotland. Its capital is Gliomach (OTL Dublin) and first queen is Aoibheann I.

AD 1569-Karamanid Emirate had conquered all of OTL Turkey and begins to expand in Europe.

'AD 1574-'AD 1583-First Balkans War. Wallachia, Hungary, Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria fight against Karamanid Emirate. Wallachia, Hungary, Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria win a Pyrrhic victory and stop Karamanid expansion for 90 years.

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