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This is the timeline for the althist Jauna Pasaule Zvani.



  • May 1654: The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia, a fiefdom of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, makes its fourth attempt to colonize the island of Tobago. The ship Das Wappen der Herzogin von Kurland arrives with 25 officials, 150 soldiers and 80 families of colonists. Captain Wilem Mollens declares the island "New Courland". The town of Jacobsstadt is built around a fort in the southwest of the island, on Great Courland Bay on the north coast. (No changes from OTL)
  • 1654: PoD: Zeelander Pieter Becquart and his expedition go to the New Netherlands and do not build a settlement on Tobago.
  • 1655: Pieter Becquart and about 650 Zeelanders accompany Peter Stuyvesant on his raid of Fort Christina, capital of New Sweden (OTL Wilmington, Delaware). For their service they are allowed to settle there, and they rename it to New Middelburg.
  • 1658: The population of the Courlander colonists has grown to about 500, with a garrison of 200 soldiers. In 1658, 200 colonists from Courland arrive. In addition, 500 Frenchmen come to Tobago to settle under the Courland flag. They form the settlement of Trois Rivières at Little Courland Bay, just southwest of Jacobsstadt. By this time 1,000 slaves have been taken to the island, almost all of them from Courland's colonies on the Gambia River in West Africa. Despite a war between Poland-Lithuania and Sweden, the merchant fleet now based in Jacobsstadt grows. Sugar, tobacco, and coffee plantations thrive.
  • Summer 1658: The Swedes attack Courland's capital Mitau (OTL Jelgava). Duke Jacob Kettler and his family, along with many other nobles and wealthy residents of the city, flee to the port of Windau (OTL Ventspils). Seeking to draw colonists to New Courland, the Duke promises it will be a safe haven for the Commonwealth's Jews, who at the time were suffering at the hands of the Cossacks and the battling Swedes and Poles. He also promises emancipation to Latvian serfs who will come to New Courland as indentured servants, angering the German landowners.
  • Autumn 1658: The Swedes pursue Kettler to Windau, aided by the landowners who after years of tension have finally turned against the Duke. The Duke and his supporters, along with over a thousand Jews and Latvian serfs, flee to New Courland. Sweden creates a puppet state in Courland ruled by Count Joseph Almstedt.
  • Early 1659: Having miraculously escaped destruction by storms or enemy fleets, the Duke's fleet of seven large merchant ships and two battleships arrives in Jacobsstadt crowded with 2,000 refugees. Kettler orders the construction of a new city called New Mitau at Lampsins Bay on the southern side of the island (OTL Scarborough) to serve as a temporary capital. While in Tobago, Kettler begins ordering a new social hierarchy. The government officials and army officers, almost all German, are at the top. The landowners, also mostly German, are below them. Below the landowners are the merchants, many of whom are German but whose ranks also include Jews and Frenchmen. Then are the colonists, who have a variety of occupations in crafting and agriculture, and who are a diverse mix of Germans, Latvians, Frenchman, and Jews. Below them are the mostly Latvian indentured servants who are not free but work towards emancipation, and the bottom of the social pyramid are the African slaves.

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