• October 23: A mysterious trumpet sound is heard around the globe with no explanation for its origins nor purposes. It lasts for about several hours, with each hour the sound gets louder and louder to the point that people's ears begin to bleed painfully. After that, it mysteriously stops as it began. The globe goes on as sort of usual after the mysterious trumpet sound began and ended.
  • October 24: A day after the mysterious trumpet sounded around six hundred million people (about 30% percent of the world's population) have mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Soon after, reports of this event begin to unfold around the globe, causing massive confusion and panic on a global scale. The United Nations begins an emergency session to deal with the current crisis.
  • October 25: A day after the mysterious disappearance of six hundred million people around the globe, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Atta Annan announces that he will step down and be replaced by a mysterious Tettidia Augurna from Italy. Meanwhile, the Wailing Wall in Israel is mysteriously destroyed, causing Israel to believe that Iraq or Iran is responsible for the destruction of the Wailing Wall of Israel.
  • October 26: Tettidia Augurna calls in for another emergency session at the United Nations to deal with the current crisis.

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