• 1609- Robert Thornton brings back goods from the Amazonia region in OTL French Guyana and fascinates the new Duke Cosimo with wild tales from Guyana.
  • 1609- Cosimo II sends Robert Thornton out with 300 settlers to set up an early Tuscan colony. The Tuscan colony is able to successfully gather Brasilian wood to build more ships for Tuscany's renaissance era. Wealth comes to Tuscany when Cosimo II begins to tax several of the buyers of renaissance ideas and artistry.
  • 1610- The Tuscans go to war with the Turks and using the wealth gathered from the first colony they manage to secure the waters surrounding Tuscany.
  • 1611- 400 more settlers are sent and the Guyana colony prospers as a trading port. The name of the Guyana colony is New Tuscany. Robert Thornton is made Viceroy of the colony.
  • 1613- The Ottomans launch and invasion of Hungary. The Tuscans see this attack as a threat to the new found wealth of Tuscany. They launch an attack to aid the Hungarians. See: Tuscan-Turkish Conflict
  • 1613- The Colony of Tuscany sets up a small colony only miles south of the township of New Tuscany.
  • 1613- The Sicilians capture the Turkish trade fleet and ally themselvse with the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.
  • 1614-
  • 1615- Tuscan Explorers venture into the Gulf of Mexico and go into Northern Brasil.
  • 1616- The Grand Duchy of Tuscany expands into OTL Northernmost Brasil and create a colony there. Tuscany adds more to its treasury.
  • 1619- The Kingdom of Sicily (currently part of the Spanish House of Hapsburg) sends out a risky expedition to the Americas to try and found a Colony in Patagonia. See: Kingdom of Sicily
  • 1620- The Sicilians set up a colony, but life does not go well on the colony. See: Attempted New Sicily
  • 1622- The Grand Duchy of Tuscany colonizes Trinidad. Colonies in the Americas grow.
  • 1625- England recognizes the power of the Grand Duchy and makes an alliance with it. Venice allies with Tuscany.
  • 1627- Venice realizes Tuscany's wealth is making it the most powerful Duchy in italy and sends its navy to explore the OTL Uruguay area.
  • 1630- Spanish Conquistidors enter Tuscan territory in the Americas and create tensions between Tuscany and the Iberian Union.
  • 1631- A Venetian colony is created. The Dutch enter OTL Suriname
  • 1634- Tuscany attacks the Dutch colonies in Suriname under the suspicion that the Ducth want their resources. Venice expands the Uruguayan territories and when the Venetian fleet returns to Venice they come beck with many resources.
  • 1638- Sicily fails to complete a stable Argentinian colony.
  • 1641- Venice attempts to set up a colony in OTL Argentina. It fails later that year. Tuscany experiences its first war against the natives of Guyana.
  • 1643- Sicily sends exploration ships to Brasil to explore the territory and perhaps set up colonies.
  • 1648- The Iberian Union falls apart. Tuscany allies itself with Portugal. Tuscany conquers the Dutch colonies. A Dutch community emerges in the Tuscan colonies. Tuscany and Venice expand their colonies. The Dutch declare war against Tuscany in Europe. See: Dutch- Tuscan War
  • 1649- Tuscany Allies itself with Sicily, Venice, Portugal, and the Arch-Duchy of Austria. England breaks ties with Tuscany and sides with the Dutch during the war. First Battle of the War occurs off the Coast of Sardinia. Tuscany and its allies are victorious. Spain sends resources to Tuscany to aid the war. See: Sardinian Coast Battle
  • 1650- After a year of war the last battle is fought in Europe off of the Pilars of Hercules. See: Battle at Gibraltar. Tuscany wins over the Netherlands.
  • 1651- The Pope gives Tuscany a one year monopoly over trade in the Americas. this year is peaceful for the Italians.
  • 1652- Sicily attempts to bargain for more freedom from the House of Hapsburg. The result is unsuccessful.
  • 1653- The people of Sicily send out a ship to explore the region of OTL Georgia.
  • 1655- Sicily colonizes Georgia. The English go into Georgia through South Carolina.
  • 1656- The Sicilians go to war with the Cherokees in Georgia over gold found in the region. The Tuscan colonies expand. Venice manages to colonize Argentina. See: New Venice. The Spanish increase their stronghold in Sicily once they realize gold has been found in Georgia which is part of Sicily.
  • 1657-
  • 1658-
  • 1659-
  • 1660-
  • 1662-
  • 1664- The English enter a war against Sicily for the territory in OTL Georgia. The Spanish back up the Sicilians. The Spanish and Sicilians win.
  • 1666- Tuscan conquerers are found in Spanish territory. The Spaniards capture them and send them to a jail in Lima, Peru. Tensions arrive between Tuscany and Spain.
  • 1669- The People of Sicily buy the land of Florida from Spain.
  • 1670- A Tuscan explorer finds the mouth of the Amazon and claims the river for Tuscany leading to even more rivalry between the Spanish and the Tuscans. The Spanish set up a colony along the Amazon.
  • 1672- The living conditions in New Tuscany are improved. The English attempt a colonization in the region by New Tuscany. The Tuscans see this as a threat and attacks the English colonies they remove the English from South America and put the colonists in the jails at the city Trinità città
  • 1673- The English send a diplomat to bargain for the citizens back. Tuscany attempts to negotiate a treaty between the English and the Tuscans over land disputes in the Americas. The English disagree with the land disputes and the Tuscans refuse to give back the colonists.
  • 1674- The people of Sicily establish the missions of Santa Katrina and San Avellino.
  • 1675- The need for wealth grows in Venice and they soon start giving out pirating licenses like the English. They attack Tuscan ships and take their wealth. Soon a competitive rivalry occurs and Tuscany enters into a war with Venice, breaking all previous ties with the Venetians. England sides with Venice. Portugal sides with Tuscany. Spain stays neutral.
  • 1680- The war ends with the Tuscans and Portuguese victorious, The Tuscans now have an improved navy, and have established a dominance in the seas. A damaged England emerges from the fight. The Venetians lose much. See: First Anglo- Tuscan War
  • 1681- LaSalle claims the Mississippi for France. Tuscany rushes to create an alliance between Tuscany and France, but they fail. Sicily again attempts to bargain for more freedom from the House of Hapsburg. The result is still unsuccessful. Spain increases their control on Sicily.
  • 1682- A small group of radiclists come up with the idea for a revolution from the House of Hapsburg.
  • 1683- Sicily uncovers more gold and riches in the new land. The Sicilians set up a trade between them and Tuscany.
  • 1684- Spain removes the Sicilian monarch and annexes Sicily as part of the Crown of Spain. Outrage in Sicily. Spain severes the trade between the Sicilians and the Tuscans. Tuscany supports the Sicilian revolution in secrecy.
  • 1685- King James II becomes King of England and Ireland.
  • 1698- The Sicilian revolt begins and is successful during the beginning
  • 1699- The Sicilians begin to lose the revolt, but Spain still begins to lose control of Sicily.


  • 1700- The House of Hapsburg loses its hold on Sicily and Sicily takes control of Naples and becomes the Kingdom of two Sicilies earlier than in our timeline. See: Kingdom of Two Sicilies
  • 1701- Venice

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