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TIMELINE (and point of difference)

Medieval Age

656: Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib arrested and sentenced to death Uthman ibn Affan murderers.

658: Caliph Ali send the evoy to Emperor Constans II. Emperor behead the evoy, and Caliph Ali declare war to Byzantium.

659: The muslim warships fleet sailed for Cyprus Blockade. Rashidun Troops attacked Cappadocia and Pontus. Cyprus, Cappadocia and Pontus conquered.

660: Italian States under attack by Muslim in Sicily.

661: Phyrgia conquered. Rashidun Troopers attack Constantinople.

662: Persian scientist, Abu-Ammar Al Farsi created "Arabian Fire".

663: Constantinople fell. Constans II killed. General Fergus signed the Treaty of Damascus. All of Byzantium Empire conquered by Rashidun, except Ceuta as a vassal.

665: Caliph Ali restored Mosque of Al-Haram and Mosque of Nabawi.

668: Ceuta Governor under attack by Visigothic King of Spain. Rashidun invaded Spain.

669: Granada, Sevilla and Madrid conquered.

670: Aragon, Zaragoza and Barcelona conquered. Caliph Ali sick and die. Next Caliph is Abdullah ibn Abbas. Ibn Abbas pointed Zaid ibn Haritsah as Emir of Andalusiya, and the capital is Granada. After thousand year, Granada is city of science.

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