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Ireland before the uprising

1691: King James II and VII is defeated by the Protestant William of Orange

1693: First penal laws are passed against Roman Catholics

1700: James O'Connor is born

1709: The Cumann na Saorise (Society of Freedom) is founded

1718: James O'Connor joins the British army and is immediately sent to fight in the Spanish War of Succession.

1728: Sean Callaghan is born

1730: James O'Connor secretly joins Cumann na Saorise (having joined the British army in 1718)

1744: Jacobite Rebellion begins

1746: Jacobite Rebellions ends, James O'Connor is promoted to General

1750: The Irish Uprising begins after a British soldiers march into a crowded church and kill many people who were suspected of "harboring enemies of the crown."

Irish Uprising and War of Independence

March 9th, 1750- Later that day Cumann na Saorise meets to discuss the disastrous events Dublin, though O'Connor is a dedicated member he is forced to go lead the British army against his own people.

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