This a timeline for the alternate history , Invasion Iran.


June 4: Operation Lightning begins as Iran's southern coast is invaded by the US.

June 8: The Battle of Qom begins. It is the first major battle in Operation Lightning.

June 15: The Battle of Azadegan Field begins. NATO forces attempt to take control of Iran's largest oil field.

July 7: The Battle of Azadegan Field ends. The retreating Iranian soldiers burn the field.

August 12: The Battle of Qom ends with the destruction of the Fatima al-Masumeh Shrine.

August 20: US and NATO forces reach Defense Line 1 in Iran and they are unnsuccessful in breaching it.

September 2: US and NATO again unsuccessfully attack Defense Line 1.

October 9: US and NATO forces finally breach Defense Line 1 but at a cost with lots of casualties.

November 15: After regrouping from the last attack US and NATO forces attack Defense Line 2 and fail.

December 7: US and NATO forces fail to breach Defense Line 2.

December 24: Egypt, Syria, and Jordan sign the Treaty of Cairo. This froms the Arabian CoaitionA, designed to combat Israel if needed.


January 4: Iran launches the January Offensive and pushes Western troops back.

January 7: The January Offensive ends and the war in Iran becomes a stalemate.

March 20: The Arabian Coalition invades Israel and takes over the Gaza Strip.

April 6: Jerusalem is captured by the Arabian Coalition and Israel surrenders. Insurgencies began to happen.

April 17: The US and NATO declare war on the Arabian Coalition.

April 22: Troops in Iraq mobilize assault The Fortress, headquarters of Arabian soldiers in Israel.

April 25: The Fortress falls.

May 4: With less troops in Iraq the insurgents have some success and declare independence as a country known as New Iraq, with the capital a camp called Camp Saddam.

May 10: New Iraq joins the Arabian Coalition and begins attacking US troops in Israel.

May 17: Saudi Arabia and Kuwait join the western powers in the war, the whole Middle East is now at war.

May 24: Iran joins the Arabian Coalition.

May 28: The Arabian Coalition lands troops on the west coast of Saudi Arabia and oil rigs in the Middle East.

June 3: After heavy resistance the Arabian Coalition evacuates the west coast of Saudi Arabia.

'June 5: 'In New Iraq US soldiers reach Camp Saddam.

June 11: US and NATO begin to attack Jerusalem.

June 12: Lebanon, another country in the Arabian Coalition, is invaded by Saudi and Kuwait troops.

June 15: All of Lebanon is taken except for the capital, Beirut.

June 17: NATO soldiers pull out of Jerusalem and help the fight in Iran.

June 21: In Iran, Defense Line 2 is taken but there is heavy resistance at the last defence line, Defense Line 3.

July 3: The Siege of Camp Saddam begins with US Marines bombarding and attacking the camp.

July 7: The Arabian Coalition liberates Lebanon from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

July 10: Reinforcements are sent soldiers defending Camp Saddam.

July 13: The Arabian Coalition takes back The Fortress.

July 18: The Arabian Coalition invades occupied Iraq. They liberate most of New Iraq but make minor gains in occupied territory.

August 1: The Arabian Coalition retreats to Israel from Iraq.

August 5: The Arabian Coalition begins the construction of the Ring of Fire around the River Jordan. It is designed to keep enemies from crossing the Jordan into Israel.

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