Timeline for the althist Independent States

19th century


1819: First POD takes place when the Adams-Onís Treaty is never signed. As a result, Florida stays a part of Spain and the border disputes between the US and New Spain continue.


1821: Mexico occupies Florida and Cuba during the Mexican War of Independence.

1822: Mexico becomes an independent monarchy.

1829: Border disputes between Mexico and the US culminate in the Floridan War, named so since a lot of fighting took place in Florida.


1830: The Belgian revolution is a failure and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands keeps control of Belgium.

1834: Mexico wins the Floridan war and the US has to cede land from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The Bosnian uprising is won by the rebels, and a sovereign state of Greater Bosnia is founded.

1835: Texas rebels against Mexico.

1836: California and Florida rebel against Mexico

1837: Nevada rebels agaist Mexico. Republic of Texas and Republic of California are founded

1838: Republic of Florida and Republic of Nevada are founded. 


1840: Costa Rica and Guatemala secede from the Federal Republic of Central America, while Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua stay a part of it.

1847: Britain takes full control of the Oregon territory.

1849: Gold is found in California, leading to many people moving there in hope of getting rich.


1853: Matthew C. Perry never arrives in Japan, and so Japan stays isolated.

1855: Siege of Sevastopol ends in Russian recapture of the city.

1856: The Treaty of Paris in 1856 gives Russia the possession of Ottoman land in Romania and Caucasus.

1859: The Indian Rebellion of 1857 ends in Indian victory, India is split on the 21st parallel north, with British control south of the parallel and various Indian states in control of the north.

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