The following is the timeline of the events that transcurred in the timeline known as In Frederick's Fields.


  • June 2: Wilhelm the First of the German Empire is shot by Doctor Karl Nobiling, a Socialist-leaning agricultural expert, while he was passing Berlin in an official visit. Wilhelm is rushed off to his palace, where he is to be taken care of by doctors. In the chaos, Nobiling escapes the scene.
  • June 4: Wilhelm the First dies of terrible brain trauma, due to his shot. His son, Frederick, is to succeed him as Emperor of Germany. Due to the lack of a coronation ceremony, Frederick declares himself Frederick IV, despite warnings from Bismarck.
  • July 13: A treaty is signed in Berlin, with Bismarck moderating the argument. In this treaty, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro become independent.
  • July 30: Elections are held in Germany, the first in Frederick's rule. Due to Frederick's tendencies, high hopes are felt by the liberal sides of Parliament, but they are somewhat disappointed as it, once again, seems like an impasse, with Zentrum and the NLP getting nearly the same votes.
  • October 1: Otto von Bismarck presents to the Reichstag an Anti-Socialist Law, which attempted to ban the Social Democratic Party from competing on elections. Frederick IV intervenes in favour of the SDP, stating "if we destroy our eggs, we shall never gain chickens". Instead, the Reichstag compromises on a rule outlawing SDP extremists, allowing for large amounts of discrimination against the SDP.
  • November 17: An assassination attempt occurs towards Umberto I of Italy. However, this assassination fails.
  • December 31: The Emperor addresses the new Reichstag, promising that "slow and sustainable reform shall be achieved". The junkers in Parliament, and the Chancellor, are livid. 


  • January 10: The Anglo-Zulu War begins.
  • March 10: Waldemar of Germany, a young boy only aged 11, grows ill. The doctors diagnose dyphteria to be the cause of the illness. Waldemar is heavily ill.
  • March 27: Waldemar is on the brink of death, but he survives the day.
  • April 4: Waldemar's condition has grown better since March 27.   

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