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Please note, that dates use the Roman calendar, their equivalent in our calendar can be see in paranthenticals.

The Ancient Times

Modern times

Current era

2708 (1955 A.D.)

Caesar Gracchus Laenas dies of old age, after 52 years of glorious reign.

2742 (1989 A.D.)

Caesar Fabius Aquina dies in liver cancer after 34 years of reign. His son, Claudius Celsus becomes the new Emperor, at the age of 21.

2751 (1998 A.D.)

A widespread revolt takes place in Australis Province. The Prefect is killed and the governing city is seized by revolting citizens. Rome sends airplanes and warships to break down the revolt, causing 56,000 deaths.

2765 (2012 A.D.)

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