This is the timeline for the Imperial America TL.



PoD: On March 14th, 1777, British forces burst into a session of the Continental Congress. Most of the Founding Fathers, with the exception of Samuel and John Adams, George Washington , Nathanael Greene , and some other non-essential Founding Fathers, such as Benjamin Harrison, were present there. This virtually wiped out all American government. However, with Washington and Greene still in play, the Patriots were able to pull off a very close victory, ending with the Treaty of Paris in 1784.

March 15th: The Continental Army and Congress are thrown into chaos as its best leaders are dead or captured. General George Washington is declared emergency president for the time being, and martial law is declared (it really doesn't affect anything), and Patriot troops begin to desert, after hearing of the deaths of most of the Founding Fathers.

March 18th: New York Mutiny occurs, as New York troops, hearing of the deaths and realizing they would not be paid for a while, mutiny against the Continental Army and surrender to the British. They killed 74 in the famous Battle of New York , with 89 casualties of their own.

March 26th: The British forces launch an attack on Philadelphia, and are defeated by a very close margin in the Battle of Philadelphia . They lose 431 men and the Patriots lost well over 550 men.

April 12th: An American spy, Will Johnson, manages to give a vital piece of information concerning British troop movements that let the Americans win the Battle of Virginia (really a series of battles) 3 months later. He was later rewarded with the Congressional Medal of Honor , and a statue of him erected in New York City , next to the Empire State Building.

May 21: Patriot forces are routed in Virginia and are pushed out of the area.

June 12: Patriot forces launch a counterattack on British forces, pushing them out of Virginia. Meanwhile, George III of England suffers a heart attack.

June 23: American troops attack British forces in North Carolina, pushing in for several miles. However, they are pushed to pre-offense borders by a British counterattack and are currently are in a stalemate. However, France has also just confirmed that it will send troops, food, supplies, and weapons to the American troops.

7 years later . . .


March 14th: The Treaty of Paris is signed 5 months early, on the day of the British assassination attempt. It is declared a national day of mourning, and many people take to the streets.

March 17th: Nathanael Greene dies when he falls off his horse. These two deaths will change the course of American history forever.

May 30th: The Constitution is made 3 years early, due to the crisis of the moment. This allows Presidents much more powers, and can serve for as much as they want. Congress is also formed, same as normal.


March 4th: Congress is formed, and is divided into the Senate and the House. The same rules apply as in OTL.

April 11th: The national currency is named the United States Dollar. March 14th and 17th is named a national day of mourning, to mourn the deaths of both the Founding Fathers, George Washington and Nathanael Greene.

June 30th: George Washington dies of a stroke and Vice President John Adams becomes president.


February 28th: President John Adams is killed by an English sniper, along with his son, Samuel Adams. This creates a power struggle, as almost all the Founding Fathers are dead.

April 30th: The nation is now embroiled in civil war, with 3 parties. Benjamin Harrison, John Jay, and a fictional but ambitious Michael Douglas. Thousands are killed as the civil war, later known as the First American Civil War begins.

June 21st: After 3 months of fighting, Michael Douglas takes power. He emerges as a dictator, and immediately grants himself absolute powers, once again due to the "crisis" of the moment. All the other nations look on at the newly formed US and agree that it will fall within 5 years. On a random note, both the French and English royal family have bets (not with each other, but within the family) on when the US will fall. Most agree on 5-7 years.