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The following is a timeline of the Imperator Totius Hispaniae timeline.

XI and XII Centuries

POD: Alfonso VI, King of Castile, defeats King Sancho II of Galicia and León in the Battle of Golpejara in early 1072. Both Sancho and his primary general, El Cid, die in the battle. Alfonso, as Sancho's brother and closest relative, is crowned King of Galicia and León.

  • 'September of 1072: To further assert his hold over his new territories, Alfonso is crowned as Imperator Totius Hispaniae.
  • 1075: Alfonso marries King Sancho of Aragon's widow, Felicia de Roucy.
  • 1080: Alfonso and Felicia's first child, Fernando, is born. Alfonso begins a military build-up in the border with the Taifa kingdom of Toledo.
  • 1082: Alfonso takes over all Toledan territories north of the Tajo River.
  • 1085: Alfonso marches on Toledo and annexes the kingdom to Hispania.

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