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The Early Years

Before 1890's

  • 18 January 1874: Erich von Schweetz is born in the German village of Schweetz in Württemberg.
  • 3 March 1889: Erich von Schweetz releases the first edition of Ralph's Travels. This first edition contents no any pictures to any page. It's possible that models of Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope are unknown.
  • 24 April 1889: German artist Billich Schwab from Stuttgart become the world first cartoonist to draw many of his famous cartoons.
  • 5 May 1889: Austrian artist Edgar Meyer also become the world's first cartoonist to draw characters with Oil painting.
  • 4-11 August 1889: Erich von Schweetz and his team moved from Stuttgart to Stockholm.
  • 12 August 1889: The Swedish book publishing company Schweetz Publishers AB is founded.


  • May 1891:
  • 23 April 1891: A meteorite coming from an unknown planet in Universe has crashed into Trolldalen in Lidingö, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 28 April 1891: A Swedish inventor makes and active the first robotic technology in World. This begins the robotic revolution in Sweden.
  • 14-25 June: Erich von Schweetz and other workers in Sockertopp & Co. AB starts an great adventure, the Sugar Rush Campaign. The tour begins at Stockholm, lasted with Swedish soldiers in order from King Oscar II of Sweden. Stopped in Tokyo on 21 June to purchases supplies to survive and arrives in Sugar Rush Island on 22 June. Campaign will end on 25 June, date when Zöckarluschuisländ surrenders.
  • May 20 1893: The Vaniljotian Revolution begins.
  • May 21 1893: The Vaniljotian Revolution ends in one day with Swedish revolutionary victory, establishing First Swedish Republic.

First Swedish Republic


  • May 25 1893: Former Swedish king Oscar II travels to Sundsvall, established a provincial royal capital and Kingdom of Sweden becomes an unrecognized state in Europe.
  • June 2 1893: Swedish Civil War begins
  • April 7 1896: The treaty of Stockholm is signed, ending the Swedish Civil War. Kingdom of Sweden leads to an failed state and monarchy officially abolished.


  • 22 May 1902: Swedish conquest of Cuba begins, Sweden declares war on the newly independent state Cuba, that declared itself independence from Spain.
  • 2 June 1902: Swedish conquest of Cuba ends, Sweden annexes Cuba and established a colony over Cuba.
  • 7 January 1904: The oldest known air force in world, Swedish Air Force, is founded.
  • October 26 1905: Sweden rejects union with Norway is not dissolved and declares war on them, Swedish–Norwegian War starts.
  • December 4 1905: Battle of Oslo between Swedes and Norwegians occurs.
  • 30 January 1907: The Treaty of Oslo is signed, ending the Anglo-Swedish War.
  • April 2 1907: Erich von Schweetz has proclaimed himself Swedish emperor as Eric XV and First Swedish Republic reforms into First Swedish Empire.

First Swedish Empire

During Peacetime

  • April 14-15 1912: RMS Titanic strikes an iceberg in northern Atlantic Ocean and sinks with 1517 people lost.
  • June 28 1914: The Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Duchess Sophie, are assassinated by 19-year-old Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, OTL Bosnia and Herzegovina, triggering the July Crisis and World War I.

World War I

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