Note: History of ATL world is measured differently. ATL Y1 is around OTL 10,000 BCE, as history began when the climate became normal.

500-City-states in Atlantis and Quebis arise.

750-The city-states of Atlantis unite under the city of Commercica.

840-870-The Commercicans invade Quebis.

870-The Atlantic Empire is officially created when Quebis falls to Commercican rule.

1700-Atlantean economy and power at its peak.

1903-Atlantic Empire invades Androia.

1933-Atlanteans forced to withdraw from Androia after being defeated at the Battle of Circe. Atlantean power declines from this point on.

2050-Quebis and Africus revolt against the Atlantic Empire.

2077-The Atlantic Empire breaks into civil war and crumbles.

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