Disputed Bolivia Paraguay

The Chaco War is known as the bloodiest war in South America in the 20th century but would be overlapped by the future War of Amazona which would engulf Northern South America.


  • France and Italy sign the Franco-Italian Agreement which gives Italy a free hand in Africa, this of course only helped to show even more how weak the League of Nations was which was one problem Stanley Baldwin began to show. From April to July, the increased Italian preparation for an obvious invasion of Ethiopia was debated among the Cabinet of Great Britain, which arose to the problem: Would Italy use it to help wage war against them? Certainly the question remained although even talking about Mussolini and his policies helped strengthen such an idea. The Il Duce was shocked himself when he received an telegram from the island nation on July 16th, which warned him that any conflict by Italy would be met with the sanction of supplies from the United Kingdom. Although worried of the increasing situation, Mussolini was confident that the nation would not interfere and that such things present in the telegram where over-exaggerated and after his own evaluation he left to go discuss with his commanders the planned invasion of Ethiopia.
  • The Chaco War in South America ends with a ceasefire from both sides after the Bolivian government began to believe the possibility of a rich amount of oil in the Gran Chaco region and resulted in war, the war both embarrassed began criticism against Bolivia, although little knew that it was the first war to involve modern weaponry later to be used in the Second World War.
  • TBC

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