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20th Century



  • Germany invades the United Kingdom
  • Japan declares neutrality


  • The United States bombs Matsuyama, Osaka and Tokyo killing about 620,000 people, Japan enters the war


  • A German air raid on Toronto
  • A German air raid on Boston
  • A Japanese air raid on Canberra


  • The 20 July plot fails.
  • United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dies. Henry A. Wallace becomes president
  • A Japanese air raid on San Francisco, Seattle, Honolulu and Hanapepe, 2 bombers flying east were shot down. The United States surrenders to Japan
  • Japanese soldiers occupy the United States.



President Porrukshi, president of the US from 1945 to 1958 in 1946.

  • Japanese occupation of the United States ends when Henry A. Wallace is executed and Jooji Porrukshi, a Japanese-American spy, is put into power.
  • The United States enters an alliance with Japan
  • Adolf Hitler orders an air strike on France. France surrenders to Germany


  • Germany conquers all of Western Europe

21st Century


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