The timeline of the "He's fine" TL. the TL starts nine years after the POD,  in 1914

World War 1

More Details in:  World War One (He's Fine)

The Beginning

On 28th of June, a Bomb had been detonated, killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The bomb was thrown by Nedeljko Čabrinović who worked with multiple members of the Serbian terrorist group Blackhand. Tensions between the Serbians and the Austro-Hungarians had turned white hot. The Germans had promised to aid the Austrians in the war, while the Russians claim they will help Serbia. In July 28th, Serbia is invaded, sparking WWII. Britain and France enter the war soon after.

Early War (1914-1916)

The Germans begin their offensive in Poland and northern France, moving troops through Belgium. The Austrians, although getting less aid then expected, begin their conquest of Serbia, although  their progress goes stagnant by  mid 1915 due to the fighting of a Multi front war. The French dig in and the western front becomes stagnant after major wars in Calais and the Marne.

Meanwhile on the Eastern Front a combination of Austro-Hungarian and German forces attack multiple Polish and Ukrainian cities, although losing in Łódź and Warsaw while the Russians begin an offensive in Eastern Prussia, getting pushed out of the region at Tannenberg. It is around 1915 when Italy declares war on the Austrians, opening up a new front for the central powers. In Russia, Tsar Nicholases forces begin to wear out.

Turning point in the war and revolts (1917-1921)

By summer in 1917 the combined Anglo-French forces were finally able to break the stagnancy  in Northern France, and begin an offensive  pushing them out of Calais, Alsace, and other regions, winning more key battles. The Russians on the other hand begin to break down economically. Nationalist  uprisings in the Baltics and Ukraine. Peasant uprisings in major cities begin to wear down the government, and make a failed attempt to dispose of Nicholas. Lenin hears of the revolts and tries to go back to Russia, but is intercepted and shot.

The summer of 1918 sees more turmoil in Russia, pulling them out of the war, and another key battle in the Marne, pushing the German forces almost completely out of France. 1918 also sees a deadly outbreak of influenza, called Spanish Flu, further causing resentment towards the war.

Germany Surrenders on January 9th, 1919, signing the treaty of Versailles. In Russia, nationalists revolutions continue, especially in the Baltics and the Ukraine.

Russia in 1921

Russia in1921

In Russia the Ukrainian people and Russian peasants in Ukraine began an all out armed revolt. the war, lasting three years, gave Ukrainians the upper hand mainly due to Russian debt from the Great War, the influenza, and much of the public support.

The New States of Armenia and Azerbaijan suffered quickly deteriorating relations. In Italy, a group led by Benito Mussolini grows ever prominent. The blackshirts march on Rome in 1923.

Meanwhile in the Ottomans, the empire, losing land fast, is all but collapsing. Ethnic revolts plus government reformists tear the nation in half. Some lands are lost in the war to British and French colonialists.

Interwar period (1919-1943)

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