Events leading up to and during the Battle of Hastings


King Edward of England dies; there is a succession crisis where three men claim the throne, however Harold Godwinson is chosen as King.

Duke William of Normandy and King Harald Hardrada of Norway believe they also have rights to the throne, they prepare to invade England.

King Harald Hardrada is killed at sea, when his invasion fleet is caught in a very bad storm; the invasion fleet is almost totally destroyed.

Duke William invades England; he is ambushed by the Saxon army at Senlac Hill, which almost destroys his own army.

William eventually gives up after his forces had suffered massive casualties. The Duke orders a full retreat and is killed by Saxon soldiers, while fleeing with his men. Harold Godwinson is victorious.

Harold is crowned in London on Christmas Day of 1066, he is now King Harold II of England.

Late 11th century

1067 - A continuing succession crisis continues to burden King Harold, as the Regent of Normandy, Matilda, believes her son Duke William II to be the rightful King. The young King of Norway also believes himself to be King.

1068 - Scottish spies are captured in London and brought before King Harold, both spies say that they have been sent by their King on behalf of the King of Norway.

1069 - King Harold finally attacks Norway, he states to his advisers that the Norwegians had been a pain in his side long enough; the Anglo-Saxon Norwegian War begins.

1069 - King Harold of England invades Norway and is met with a massive Norwegian army, but he defeats it.

1070 - King Harold of England takes most northern cities in Norway, the Norwegians now mostly concentrate their forces in the south. The fighting continues.

1071 - After two years of bloody fighting, the capital city of Norway is captured, Oslo.

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