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This is the timeline for Guten Tag, Herr Samson.


With its defeat at Dunkirk, Britain is invaded by Germany. When the Leibstandarte-SS Panzer Division attacks the suburbs of London, Britain surrenders. Winston Churchill is shot personally by Hitler after Bruno Gesche and Emil Maurice beat him up. Hitler orders a victory march through London. Royal family flees to Canada.


Hitler plans to invade Russia and steps up the production of Panther and Tiger tanks, as well as the automatic and clip-reloaded rifles. Hermann Göring is shot in the face and neck in Rotterdam and dies as the nation mourns. British Nazis and other Europeans start joining Waffen-SS units. In September, Albert Speer is made head of armaments when Fritz Todt retires. Emil Maurice is put in charge of the Netherlands and Bruno Gesche of England, while they remain Hitlers personal bodyguards. The Führerbegleitkommando is expanded to 200 men, following Heinrich Himmlers orders.


Hitler invades the Soviet Union and reaches Moscow in two weeks. He also gave his army winter clothes that include grey, oak leaf camouflage and pine leaf camouflage. This helps combat the winter weather and helps in the mountains. The British Freikorps helps with 2,000 men and 200 tanks and is fighting with Norland regiment and Das Reich Division and is the first to step into Moscow. At the staff conference, Reinhard Heydrich says that killing Jews costs too much and waste bullets. He says killing Jews is no longer possible.


Germany attacks North Africa and the Middle East with the Afrika Korps, led by Erwin Rommel, and the Waffen-SS Afrika Korps, led by Joachim Peiper and Michael Wittmann. In the Palestine, the Jewish brigade, led by Field Marshall Montgomery, fights the Nordland-SS and Leibstandarte-SS of the Waffen-SS Afrika Korps with new tanks from Jerusalem.


After a long campaign, the Leibstandarte-SS take Jerusalem. The Jews feel afraid, but should not be when Germany realises that killing Jews and other minorities is a waste of money and time and it only creates resistance groups.


The Germans have 200,000 jet-powered aircraft. The most remarkable are the Horten Ho 229 and Amerika Bombers, or flying wings as they are called. Balkans are invaded by the Waffen-SS.


The first atom and hydrogen bombs are tested in the same month and the Germans begin planning better rocket technology. The King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which functions as the headquarters of 4 SS-Polizei Divisions and the British Freikorps headquarters, is bombed by Zionists, leaving 200 dead. America is in a state of chaos when Mexico says it will join the Axis.


On August the 2nd, the Germans finish the plan for the invasion for America and scheduled it for the 2nd of May, 1948. War production has reached maximal capacity. Colonel von Stauffenberg is in charge of the units invading Virginia.


America is invaded by a massive force of planes, ships, tanks and men. The first city to fall is New York, where paratroopers take the United Nations building after a bloody fight. The Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster, P. 1000 Ratte and Panzer VIII Maus tanks decimate M3 Grant and M4 Sherman tanks. The Waffen-SS take the White House on the 2nd of June after Rangers, Marines, the 82nd Airborne and the National Guard fight the 1st Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler and 2nd Das Reich Panzergrenadier Divisions with the last tanks they have. In Toronto, on November 22nd, the 26th British Freikorps and 5th Wiking Division fight Canadian and the special Free British Division. Medals are awarded to Private Finlay Murrey and Sergeant Ewan Layton for hijacking a Monster tank and blowing up twenty Maus and Ratte tanks and two Monster tanks, until their ammunition ran out, yet they still fought and ran over two Tiger tanks. In San Francisco, the SA Panzer Division and half of the Das Reich take all of the city in 2 hours, except for Alcatraz Island, where a SS Marine Division, as well as the SA Marines are under attack from U.S. Marines, Paratroopers and the 99th Infantry Division, aided by blood thirsty prisoners and wardens. The Americans are also attacked by the Mexicans. Denver is turned into a wasteland when the Germans use their nuclear arsenal. General Patton is overwhelmed by Colonel von Stauffenbergs 10th Panzer Army and 28th SS Walloon Division.






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