17th Century

1603- Queen Elizabeth I of England dies, she is succeeded by King James VI of Scotland who promises to treat Roman Catholics fairly in England, a promise which he soon breaks.

1604- A conspiracy group is formed to attempt to overthrown King James, they are all Catholics who will contribute anything to the cause, the conspirators decide to attempt to kill the king and his entire government at the state opening of parliament.

November 1605- The Conspirators decide to try to kill the king and his government with explosive gunpowder, their Gunpowder expert Guy Fawkes organises it and lights the fuse. And so at the exactly midday on November 5th, 1605, the House of Lords is blown to pieces along with the King and government.

The Conspirators then kidnap Lady Elizabeth, daughter of King James, and take her back to London where they proclaim her Queen, however most do not agree with her legitimacy over the crown as she is being installed by Catholic rebels.

December 1605- After a month of quarreling, what government and nobility are left is forced to accept Elizabeth as new Queen. She is crowned Queen Elizabeth II of England, Scotland and Ireland.

1607- British colonization of the Americas begins.

1610- English and Scottish settlers arrive in Ulster, Ireland.

1612- Queen Elizabeth bible is published.

1613- Queen Elizabeth II marries Elector Frederick of Bohemia.

1618- Thirty years war begins.

1619- Queen Elizabeth II becomes Queen Consort of Bohemia.

1620- Rebellion in Bohemia starts, the English army puts the rebels down.

1630- England joins the Catholic side in the Thirty years war.

1633- England starts to invade Central Europe as a response to the Protestant invasion of Bohemia

1648- Thirty year war comes to an end with a devastating Protestant loss, Bohemia becomes a hereditary monarchy.

1651- The United Kingdom of England and Scotland is created. A new flag is created which combines the English and Scottish flags. "British" becomes the nationality of the new country.

1661- Queen Elizabeth II dies, she is succeeded by her son as King Charles I.

1663- Riots in Ireland lead to the First Irish Rebellion, it is brutally put down by the British army

1670- The Federation of the British-American Colonies is founded.

1675- Assassination attempt on King Charles' life fails, evidence points to Britain's Enemy, the Dutch Republic.

1680- A Coup in Sweden overthrows King Charles XI and replaces him with a rival, King Gustaf III Adolf. King Charles I of Britain dies later that year, he is succeeded by his son as King Charles II.

1682- Tsar Feodor III of Russia dies, he is Succeeded by his son's Tsar Ivan V and Tsar Peter I.

1684- King Charles II of Britain is poisoned in an Assassination attempt, he does not die however.

1685- After suffering for almost a year of cyanide poisoning, King Charles II of Britain dies in his sleep, he is succeeded by his sister as Queen Elizabeth III.

1687- Tsar Peter I of Russia is killed when he is thrown off his horse and snaps his neck, Tsar Ivan is now sole monarch of Russia. The Dutch Republic invade Ireland.

1688- Fighting in Ireland continues, Prince William of Orange is leading the Dutch forces. The First war of Norwegian independence begins. Most of North America is now colonised.

1689- Denmark starts colonising the New World after setting up trading ports in the Caribbean to try to rival other powers. Spain annexes Morocco after a rebellion overthrows the Moroccan government.

1690- Dutch campaigns in Ireland come to an end.

1691- King Louis XIV of France dies at the age of 53, he is succeeded by is son as King Louis XV.

1693- The First war of Norwegian independence ends in failure after the Swedish crush the Revolutionary army.

1695- Denmark continues its expansion into Mexico heavily defeating the Spanish and gaining more territory in the Americas.

1696- Tsar Ivan V has a boy who he names Michael, he is now heir to the throne.

1698- King Gustaf III Adolf of Sweden dies, he is succeeded by his son as King Frederick Adolf I.

18th Century

1700- King Carlos of Spain dies without legitimate issue, his Nephew Philip of France becomes King in a smooth transition.

1701- The Great Northern War begins, Russia attempts to take Saint Petersburg from the Swedish. Britain, the Dutch Republic and Austria support are given to Sweden.

1705- King Frederick Adolf I of Sweden is killed in battle, he is succeeded by his brother as King Gustaf IV Adolf.

1709- Queen Elizabeth III of Britain is the first British monarch to visits the New world. She goes there attempting to recruit young men for the British army and the war against Russia.

1711-King Louis XV of France survives his Smallpox disease.

1713- Saint Petersburg falls to Russian forces.

1714- Denmark now has control of Southern Mexico and areas of South America. The Dauphin of France dies of Smallpox, the very disease his father almost died from as well.

1717- British forces are pushed out of Russia entirely, retreat begins.

1720- A Portuguese nobleman by the name of Alfonso Da Villa overthrows the government with the support of the peasants, he declares himself King Alfonso VII and makes Portugal into a Constitutional monarchy, the now deposed King John V and his family flee to there colonies in South America where they proclaim the Empire of Brazil, the first independent nation in the Americas

1721- The Great Northern war ends with the defeat of Sweden and her allies, Russia takes Finland and Saint Petersburg.

1722- Queen Elizabeth III of Britain dies, she is succeeded by her daughter as Queen Elizabeth IV.

1725- Britain buys the port of Gibraltar from the Spanish.

1727- King Louis XV dies, he is succeeded by his son as King Charles X.

1728- Denmark goes to war with Brazil for more land in the Americas.

1730- Tsar Ivan V of Russia dies, he is succeeded by his son as Tsar Michael II.

1734- War between Holland and France breaks out. France speaks to conquer Holland.

1736- Britain invades Spanish Florida after the Spanish refused to sell them the colony.

1737- War between France and Holland come to an end.

1740- Britain continues it territorial expansion in the Americas northward.

1744- Queen Elizabeth IV of Britain dies, she is succeeded by her son as King Francis I, who is also the Holy Roman Emperor.

1746- Clashes in North America lead to war between Britain and France.

1749- Denmark invades Iceland.

1751- Second war of Norwegian independence begins.

1755- King Charles X of France dies, he is succeeded by his nephew as King Charles XI (OTL Louis XV)

1756- War between France and Britain comes to an end with the result of France losing all its Canadian colonies to Britain.

1758- Denmark invades Prussia, the Danish-Prussian war begins.

1760- Tsar Michael II of Russia dies, he is succeeded by his son as Tsar Michael III.

1761- Russia goes to war with the Ottoman Empire for land in the Balkans.

1762- The Second war of Norwegian independence ends in victory for Sweden, the Revolutionary army of Norway is disbanded.

1763- First protests in British North America about taxes.

1765- King Francis of Britain dies, he is succeeded by his youngest daughter Marie Antoinette on his instructions, she becomes Queen Mary II.

1766- Danish-Prussian war ends in victory for Denmark.

1768- King Frederick II of Prussia is overthrown by his brother who seizes power and becomes King.

1770- Boston massacre takes place where a group of British forces open fire on a crowd of civilians taunting them. Queen Mary of Britain marries Dauphin Louis of France.

1773- Boston tea party takes place where colonists boycott tea from Britain and throws it into the harbour. War ends with Russia and the Ottoman Empire, Russia takes much Balkan land from the ottomans.

1774- King Charles XI of France dies, he is succeeded by his Grandson as King Louis XVI. Queen Mary II of Britain is crowned as Queen Consort of France.

1775- The War of North American Independence begins. George Washington, a Virginian colonist is made Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary army. Guy Carleton becomes second in command. The Battle of Bunker Hill (just outside Boston) is the first battle but ends in defeat for the rebels.

1776- The Americans declare there independence as the United Colonies of North America. France refuses to help due to the Queen of Britain and King of France being married.

1777- The British and the Americans take to the war fast, however the United Colonies are losing. France invades Savoy after territorial disputes, the French Italian campaigns start.

1778- The Spanish join the rebelling colonists, the British are pushed out of Canada entirely. Russia invades Prussia after a Prussian assassin, hired by there government, attempted to Kill the Tsarina, the Russo-Prussian war starts.

1779- Denmark declares war on Britain and supports the American Colonists. The British lose Philadelphia and New York. Surveys in France conducted by the government show that the French people are more poorer than most commoners in other European countries.

1780- The Dutch Republic, Brazil and Portugal support the rebelling colonists. British activity is now purely in the southern colonies.

1782- After two more years of fighting the British attempt a invasion of Canada. Tsar Michael III of Russia dies, he is succeeded by his son as Tsar Victor I.

1784- The last of the British are defeated in North America, Britain is forced to accept North America's sovereignty.

1785- The United States of North America is created as a "republic" Basically all positions are elected by the people. George Washington reluctantly becomes the first President of North America though he believes that there are others more worthy of the position.

1787- The Russo-Prussian war comes to an end with Prussian defeat, most of there eastern land is given to Russia. Britain starts to colonise India, Australia and New Zealand.

1788- King Louis XVI of France calls the Estates General, the governing body of France which has not been called since 1613, he does so on the advice of his wife, Queen Mary of Britain.

1789- Revolution breaks out in France, the Bastille fortress in Paris (a massive prison) is stormed and destroyed. A month later an giant mob march from Paris to Versailles where they force King Louis to sign the newly created French Constitution, France becomes a Constitutional monarchy.

1790- Maximilian Robespierre becomes the first prime minister of France (head of the government) Where he or takes a five year period as President before facing another election.

1791- Robespierre starts to reform the French government by abolishing the Estates General and replacing it with the French National Assembly, it is housed in the Palace of Bourbon in Paris.

1793- The French capture Milan. Sweden breaks out in revolution and becomes a Republic, King Gustav IV Adolph is overthrown and arrested.

1797- Napoleon Bonaparte, a up and coming French general, captures Venice with his forces and starts the march to Florence. He is praised for his efforts.

1799- President George Washington of the United States dies half way through his fourth term in office, he is succeeded by his Vice President, John Adams.

19th Century

1800- Maximilian Robespierre is elected in for a third term in office. Britain invades Spanish Morocco kick start the British African wars.

1801- Ireland joins the Union with England and Scotland, it is now the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland.

1802- The Third war of Norwegian independence begins. Prussia invades Austria after Austrian troops starting blockading the Prussian land borders. Most of Northern and Central Italy is now in French hands, French forces continue to push southward.

1803- The British capture Morocco, they continue to push eastward.

1805- French Italian campaigns end with the capture of Naples, General Napoleon Bonaparte returns to France victorious, President Robespierre is reelected for third time.

1806- Revolution in Spain overthrows the Absolute monarchy and replaces it with a Republic. King Charles IV is imprisoned and executed.

1807- The Third war of Norwegian independence ends in Norwegian victory, Norway becomes a republic.

1809- The Austro-Prussian war ends in Austrian defeat, Austria is made to surrender much of its northern land.

1810- The Mexican war of Independence begins. Napoleon Bonaparte is elected in as the 2nd Prime Minister of France. Britain now control most of the North African coastlines.

1813- Tsar Victor I of Russia dies, he is succeeded by his son as Tsar Peter II. The United Kingdom Of Italy is founded which consists of the entire country except from the city state of Rome. Victor Emmanuel of Sardinia is chosen as King.

1815- British colonisation of Indonesia starts. The British start to push southward in Africa while the many other European nations become interested in Africa. King Frederick III of Prussia declares the creation of the Prussian constitution.

1816- Ulster-Scot War of Independence begins after riots in Ulster lead to the military occupation of the province. Protesters march on the Palace of Bourbon in Paris after learning that Prime Minister Bonaparte will form a national guard who will act like a personal police force of the government, many feel that it is a insult to liberty and goes against the French Constitution.

1817- King Louis XVI of France dies at the age of 62, he is succeeded by his son as King Francis III, Queen Mary is extremely distraught with her husbands death and goes into mourning, Prime Minister Bonaparte declares at the Kings funeral he was great man.

1818- The Ulster-Scot revolutionary army is slowly pushing the British out of the province thanks to there brilliant commander-in-chief, William Coleman. Queen Mary of Britain and Queen Dowager of France suffers a small heart attack, she says she is no longer able to carry out her duties as monarch and declares her daughter the Princess of Wales, Regent.

1819- King Frederick III is assassinated, he is succeeded by his brother as King George William I.

1820- The Siege of Belfast is lifted by General Michael Liam Collins and Commander-in-chief William Coleman. France sells Louisiana to the United States as the colonies are now little worth. France concentrates in colonising Asia and Africa.

1821- British forces in Ulster are almost completely destroyed by the revolutionary army, they start withdrawing from the province. The Mexican war of Independence ends in Mexican victory, the Spanish are forced to recognise there former colonies independence.

1822- The Ulster-Scot war of Independence comes to an end in British defeat, Ulster becomes independent from the United Kingdom. The Mexican Empire is declared with Agustín de Ilturbide as Emperor, he declares his intention to create a Mexican constitution.

1823- Queen Mary II of Britain and Queen Dowager of France dies at the age of 68, she is succeeded by her daughter Marie Theresa as Queen Mary III. The Kingdom of Ulster is declared and Commander William Coleman becomes King of Ulster.

1826- The Mexican constitution is created making Mexico a Constitutional monarchy.

1828- The Second Irish Rebellion takes place in Dublin, the British army contain the matter however the rebellion leads to a movement known as the "Irish Home movement". People who seek to free Ireland from Britain.

1833- The Hawaiian Revolution takes place which overthrows the British government on the islands and replaces it with a Constitutional Monarchy, the 5 year old Prince Adalbert of Bavaria is chosen as King. The British, who were going to attempt sell the islands to Mexico anyway, decide it is not worth the trouble to take back Hawaii and recognise Hawaiian independence.

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