This is the Timeline of Great Empires.

400-300 BC

320 BC

  • Chandragupta Maurya founds the Maurya Empire.

600-700 AD



  • Lǐ Yuān founds the Tang Dynasty.



  • The Potala Palace is completed.


  • Tang Dynasty is abolished.


  • Major rebellion against Empress Wu Zetian.
  • Chinese Empire reaches its greatest extent.

700-800 AD


  • Empress Wu of China dies.


  • Empress Khri ma lod of Tibet conquers Chang'an and Chengdu.


  • The Abbasids defeat the Ummayads at the Battle of the Great Zab River and form the Abbasid Caliphate.

800-900 AD


  • Jayavarman II declares independence of the Srivijaya Empire and forms the Khmer Empire.


  • Yangchen, future empress of Tibet is born.


  • Yangchen is crowned Empress regnant of the Tibetan Empire.


  • Major rebellion against Empress Yangchen.


  • The Tibetan Empire reaches its greatest extent.

900-1000 AD


  • Empress Yangchen of Tibet dies.

1100-1200 AD



  • Suryavarman II is crowned king of the Khmer Empire.


  • Angkor Wat is completed.


  • Emperor Suryavarman II dies.



  • Queen Tamar of Georgia conquers the Byzantine Empire and refounds the Roman Empire.

1200-1300 AD


  • Temujin is crowned "Genghis Khan" and founds the Mongol Empire.


  • Genghis Khan conquers the Empire of China.


  • Queen Tamar dies.


  • Toregene Khatun of the Mongol Empire conquers Tibet.


  • Shajar al-Durr becomes Sultana of Egypt.
  • Shajar al-Durr establishes the Caliphate of Kenopia.


  • Siddharta Gampo reconquers Tibet and re-establishes the Tibetan Empire.


1300-1400 AD



  • The title of Dalai lama is established.


  • Emperor Vizalavarman of the Khmer Empire proposes a merge of state to the Majapahit Empire, but Empress Tribhuwana of Nusantara ultimately refuses.



  • The Majapahit Empire reaches its zenith under Hayam Wuruk.

1400-1500 AD


  • Zheng He sails to America under the command of Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty of China, he makes contact with the Native Americans and the Aztec Empire. Zheng He's discoveries were later almost erased from history and later emperors forbid to further sea voyages.

1500-1600 AD


  • Babur defeats the Sultanate of Delhi and founds the Mughal Empire.



  • The Nusantaran Empire win the Battle of Jakarta from the Holy Roman Empire.

1600-1700 AD


  • The Aztec Empire defeats the Spanish invasion force and dislodges Spain from Mexico


  • Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal founds the Kingdom of Bhutan, which will later become the Empire of Bhutan.


  • Shah Jahan conquers all of India, Afghanistan and Pakistan,the Mughal Empire reaches its zenith.

1700 - 1800 AD


  • The United States of America declare their independence from the British Empire. Start of the American War for Independence.

1800-1900 AD


  • The British Empire start their massive invasion of the Mughal Empire


  • The British are defeated at the Siege of Agra and the Mughal Empire destroys the remaining British forces, end of the Mughal-British War. The Mughal Empire is greatly weakened and its economy is ravaged.

1900-2000 AD


  • The Great War starts



  • Start of the Chinese invasion of Tibet under leading of President Mao Zedong
  • China conquers many regions of Tibet, Chang'an and Chengdu
  • Chinese armies are defeated at the Siege of Lhasa
  • End of the Third Sino-Tibetan War, bombing of Shanghai and Beijing, death of Mao Zedong


  • Collapse of the People's Republic of China into civil war.


2000-2012 AD


  • Major rebellion against the Mughal Empire.



  • The rebellion against the Mughal Empire escalates into a large civil war.
  • Iranian rebellion against Abbasid Caliphate.


  • Burma declares independence from the Khmer Empire.


  • The Indian people have conquered most of the Mughal Empire the Mughal Capital is relocated to Kabul.
  • Radio telescopes around the whole planet pick up signals that are not-human in origin. This is the first evidence that could prove the existence of extra-terrestrial life.


  • The Mughal Empire is formally dissolved on 2 October. After interruption of 1000 years, Hindu rule is reinstated under the Maurya Dynasty.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope detects a spaceship near the planet of Saturn. Humanity sees this as the irrefutable evidence of extra-terrestrial life. The United Nations prepare for first contact.


  • The Spaceship lands on the coast of India. After failing to communicate with dolphins, they spot humans. Dzed-get-ke-Wazaq, the ambassador of the Krash-vaka makes first contact with humans. The United Nations immediately grant them a delegation in New York. The ambassador says his species comes in peace and he is currently talking with the world leaders about his species. Joash III reveals all current knowledge to earth's citizens and officially states that he has been a part of an intergalactic organisation (Sendi) for many years past.
  • The Empire of Nusantara's government adopts constitutional, absolute monarchy on request of the emperor. Megawati Sukarnoputri is elected Prime Minister.


  • A second alien race makes contact with Earth, the Zakhanra.
  • Despite several attempts to reform the state of Persia within the Abbasid Caliphate, Persia declared independence on December 2. The Abbasid Caliphate refuses to recognize its independence, which leads to a massive revolution .
  • On 31 December the Abbasid Caliphate was suspended from the United Nations for its crimes against humanity in the Persian Revolution.




  • The Persian Empire has conquered most of Persia during the revolution against the Abbasid Caliphate


  • The Persian Revolution escalates in an international war. Several countries impose trade embargoes against Arabia. The Caliphate of Kenopia and the Roman Empire declare war on Arabia and invade the country.


  • In the advent of the Persian Revolution; France, China, India and the United Kingdom decide to refrain from recognizing the Abbasid Caliphate as the true caliphate and now recognize Kenopia as the true caliphate.
  • A combined force of Persian, Indian, Chinese and American forces led personally by Empress Jasmine besieges Baghdad. Caliph Muhammad al-Rashid is killed in the resulting battle, along with many of his ministers, leaving the Caliphate without centralized government. Hassan al-Wia, his son, becomes Caliph. Grand Vizier Abdullah Nuyafiq assumes de facto leadership over the Caliphate. The Royal Family is forced to flee to Dubai and the capital is moved to Dubai.


  • The Abbasid Caliphate, unable to defend against assaults from many countries, now only has control over the Arabian peninsula.
  • Following a referendum, Flanders becomes independent from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, becoming the Republic of Flanders.


  • Completely outnumbered, the Abbasid Caliphate accepts unconditional surrender, bringing an end to the Persian Revolution and granting Persia independence


  • A large-scale rebellion occurs in the Kenopian Caliphate. Ramesses XII, a man who claims to be descended from both Cleopatra VII and Ramesses II, Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs establishes the Egyptian Empire with the aid of defecting armies in a coup d'etat and proclaims himself Pharaoh of Egypt, overthrowing Calipha Sooraya al-Qadir.


  • The Egyptian Empire effectively controls Egypt and invades Lyrobia and Arabia to expand its territory. The remaining government of Kenopia calls for help to the United Nations. Calipha Sooraya al-Qadir remains missing, rumors are circulating she is imprisoned in Cairo, renamed Cheri-aha upon the establishment of the break-away state.


  • The Roman Empire bombs the cities of Cairo and Alexandria, killing more than a million of innocent civilians and has started to invade the country. As reaction the Egyptian Empire has nuked Constantinople, instantly killings more than five million people, destroying much of the city, Empress Sophia-Theodora was present at the moment of the explosion and is missing, rumors are circulating about her death. More than 20 countries declare war on the Egyptian Empire. The Songhai Empire, Abbasid Caliphate, Lyrobia invade the country. France, the United Kingdom, Russia and China prepare to invade the country. Egypt warns them not to take action as this could escalate into a global conflict. The United Nations hold an emergency meeting in New York City.


  • The United Nations appoint Mazlan Othman as Ambassador to the Intergalactic Republic and as Senator of Earth as one their observer planets.


  • A memorial is held in Rome, for the victims of the nuclear bombing of Constantinople, attended by many heads of state and governments, celebrities and civilians.


  • President Sylvia Valorum of the United Planets and Emperor Tsechan Kalude of the Zakhanra Empire formally declare the war between their nations over. An enormous ceremony, parade and celebration is held, attended by millions of people and watched by trillions. Mass celebrations are held in the entire two nations.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi replaces Mazlan Othman as Senator of Earth.