1485-Columbus receives support from Spain. 

'1492'-Columbus sets sail for Asia.

Sept 1st, 1492-Columbus shipwrecks in northern Massachusetts area. Columbus meets and befriends indigenous people, who help the Spaniards survive.

Sept 30th, 1492- Oct 1st, 1943-"Slaving Wars": Columbus and his crew ally with the local Cherokee to drive out rival Blackfoot tribes. Columbus and his men took the survivors captive and used them as slaves. During this time, the town of Isabelle was made, which integrated both Cherokee and Spanish culture

1494- Two years after first arriving, the ships Pinta and the Anna Marie has been fully repaired; the Nina has been scuttled. Columbus and his crew returns to Spain, along with thirty-seven slaves. Forty-three Spaniards remained in Isabelle.

1945- Columbus returns to Spain, and shares his exploits with King Ferdinand, and Queen Isabelle. Ferdinand is skeptical of Columbus, while his wife is awed, and flattered by the story. Columbus and Isabelle star an affair.

1500- Finding out about his wife's five-year tryst with Columbus, King Ferdinand orders the explorer executed. Isabelle retaliates by ordering Ferdinand's execution. This starts the Spanish Civil War.

1500-1530 "The War of the World"

1501- Spain has been divided into two parts: The northern "Columbians", and the Southern "Monarchists"

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