This is the Timeline of the alternative history Glory Israel.

10th century BC

  • 971 BC: Begins the reign of Solomon.
  • 967 BC: Begin construction of the Temple of Jerusalem.
  • 967 BC: Tiglath-Pileser II becomes king of Assyria.
  • 974 BC: Born Rehoboam, Solomon's son, the future king of Israel.
  • 960 BC: The building of the Temple in Jerusalem was completed.
  • 959 BC: Psusennes II succeeds Siamun as king of Egypt.
  • 952 BC: Birth of Abijah, son of Rehoboam, future king of Israel.
  • 947 BC: Death of the king Mu of Zou, of the Zou Dinasty of China.
  • 946 BC: Zhou gong wang (Gong of Zhou) becomes King of the Zhou Dynasty.
  • 945 BC: Psusennes II of Egypt dies, the last king of Dynasty XXI. His successor is Shoshenq I, founder of the XXII Dynasty of Egypt.
  • 935 BC: Death of the Chinese King Gong of Zhou, King of the Zhou Dynasty.
  • 931 BC: Solomon dies; Rehoboam succeeds.
  • 928 BC: Birth of Asa, son of Abijah, future king of Israel.
  • 926 BC: Egyptians invade Israel.
  • 919 BC: The Kingdom of Israel defeats Egypt, annexing the Sinai Peninsula.
  • 913 BC: Rehoboam dies; Abijah succeeds.
  • 912 BC: Begin Phoenician-Israelite war.
  • 910 BC: Ends the Phoenician-Israelite war with Israel's victory.
  • 909 BC: Abijah dies; Asa succeeds.
  • 909 BC: Zhou xiao wang becomes King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
  • 905 BC: Birth of Jehoshaphat, son of Asa, future king of Israel.

9th century BC

  • 900 BC: Starts the second Egyptian-Israeli war.
  • 893 BC: Finish the second Egyptian-Israeli war; Israel conquers Egypt.
  • 882 BC: Birth of Jehoram, son of Jehoshaphat, future king of Israel.
  • 870 BC: Asa dies; Jehoshaphat succeeds.
  • 863 BC: Birth of Ahaziah, son of Jehoram, future king of Israel.
  • 860 BC: Begin the Assyrian-Israeli war.
  • 859 BC: Dies the king of Assyria Ashurnasirpal II; succeeds Shalmaneser III.
  • 856 BC: In Afek, 10 km east of the port of Ashkelon (Israel), over the Mediterranean Sea, an earthquake is recorded leaving a balance of 27 000 deaths.
  • 853 BC: Finish the Assyrian-Israeli war; Israel conquered Assyria.
  • 850 BC: In the Andes the Chavin culture begins to develop.
  • 850 BC: The Persians are set in present-day Iran.
  • 845 BC: Jehoshaphat dies; Jehoram succeeds.
  • 844 BC: Birth of Jehoash, son of Ahazhiah, future king of Israel.
  • 840 BC: Jehoram dies; Ahazhiah succeeds.
  • 825 BC: First expulsion of idolaters in Israel.
  • 825-820 BC: In North Africa, the Neo-Phoenicians founded Carthage. According to Greek mythology, the Princess Dido founded in 813 BC.
  • 822 BC: Birth of Amaziah, son of Jehoash, future king of Israel.
  • 820 BC: Ahazhiah dies; Jehoram succeeds.
  • 815 BC: Begin the Urartu-Israeli war.
  • 808 BC: Finish the Urartu-Israeli war; Israel conquered the kingdom of Urartu.
  • 802 BC: Birth of Uzziah, son of Amaziah, future king of Israel.

8th century BC

7th century BC

6th century BC

5th century BC

4th century BC

3rd century BC

2nd century BC

1st century BC

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