Glorious Trebizond



  • The Empire of Trebizond, very small and diplomatically isolated, reforms an alliance with Georgia to its east and strengthens its relations through a royal marriage.
  • The Khaganate of Ak Koyunlu annexes the minor Anatolian state of Erzincan. Trebizond is now wedged uncomfortably between Georgia, Ak Koyunlu, and the expanding Ottoman Empire.
  • The Empire of Trebizond passes a 'Free Market' policy on trade to encourage merchants.


  • The Khaganate of Ak Koyunlu breaks off its alliance with the Jalayirids.
  • A civil war in the Ottoman Empire causes it to break apart.
  • Georgia and the Byzantine Empire both agree to recognize Trebizond's sovereignty and will come to its aid should it be threatened.
  • Manuel III, the Trapezuntine emperor, hires Turkish and Norman mercenaries and invades the neighboring Islamic state of Candaroğlu. The Trebizond Greeks force many of the Muslim forces to retreat towards the capital, while cutting off Sinope from the rest of the nation.
  • The Khaganate of Ak Koyunlu and the Emirate of Karaman both declare war on Trebizond. The Byzantine Empire and Georgia both send troops to aid in repulsing the subsequent invasion.


  • Georgia invades the Khaganate of Ak Koyunlu, annexing several provinces. Meanwhile, a Greek army pushes them out of Trebizond. Soundly defeated, they are forced to seek peace. In order to reduce and better divide the khaganate, the Georgians demand that they release Armenia as a sovereign state. The Kingdom of Armenia is thus reformed.
  • After a 260-day siege, Trebizond captures Sinope from Candaroğlu. The Trapezuntine forces then pour into Kastamon, forcing Candaroğlu to sue for peace. They are soon forced to pay a heavy tribute to the Empire of Trebizond and surrender all the territory around Sinope.


  • The expanding Kingdom of Cyprus comes into conflict with Georgia, breaking into all-out war.
  • Manuel IV becomes emperor of Trebizond as the newest Megas Komnenos. He subsequently declares war on Cyprus to aid Georgia.
  • The Ottoman Empire becomes mainly united again under its latest sultan, but most of its Anatolian provinces have broken off into separate Turkish states.
  • Sensing Turkish weakness, the Byzantines push north from Morea and conquer Athens.


  • The Khaganate of Ak Koyunlu attacks the new Kingdom of Armenia, causing Georgia and Trebizond to come to its aid. In response, the Najd tribes and the Golden Horde, Ak Koyunlu's two allies, refuse to come to its aid.
  • A Turkish revolt occurs around Sinope after they are mistreated by Trebizond officials. The rebellion is appeased by Manuel IV, who promises to look into the matter at once.
  • The Trapezuntine forces invade the Khaganate of Ak Koyunlu and seize the province of Erserum.
  • The Khaganate of Ak Koyunlu accepts peace with Georgia and Trebizond by agreeing to renounce its claims on the Kingdom of Armenia.


  • A French naval expedition lands in Sinope and begins to mistreat the local Sunni population. The Empire of Trebizond retaliates and decisively defeats the tiny French force. All across Pontus, the Greeks hail this as a major victory.


  • The Turks of Sivas in Asia Minor break free from the Timurids and declare their independence. However, their southernmost provinces, towards Cilicia, are annexed by the Egyptian Mamluk sultanate.
  • A major French fleet lands in Sinope, but the landing forces are repelled by Georgian and Trapezuntine armies.
  • Manuel IV sues for peace with France, and agrees to pay a taxing tribute.
  • The Empire of Trebizond demands full annexation of Candaroğlu. Unable to put up a credible resistance, Candaroğlu surrenders and is absorbed into Trebizond, which now controls a four-province empire.
  • French forces, freed from Trebizond, concentrate in Georgia.
  • Strengthened by the Silk Road, the Empire of Trebizond becomes the fifth richest nation in the known world. Manuel IV also begins production of copper, wine, and Naval supplies for sale to other nations.
  • When Sultan Orkhan II of the Ottoman Empire regains control of his Anatolian provinces and begins to expand further east, the Mamluk Sultanate declares war on the Ottoman Turks.


  • Georgia agrees to pay tribute to the French in return for France withdrawing its forces from Georgian territory.
  • The Empire of Trebizond and the Mamluk Sultanate form a shaky alliance against the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Golden Horde amasses numerous Mongol armies at Georgia's borders.
  • The Ottoman Turks invade Mamluk territories in Anatolia.
  • The Beylik of Dulkadir is absorbed into the Mamluk Sultanate.


  • The King of Georgia wills his throne to Trebizond, but the king of Poland, who claims a distant relation to the Georgian ruling family, declares war on the Trapezuntine nation.
  • The Empire of Trebizond launches an invasion of the Timurid domains.
  • The Ottoman Empire is driven out of Mamluk territory, with the Turkish forces suffering heavy losses. While Georgia halts the Timurids from retaliating against Trebizond, Manuel IV leads an invasion of the Turks' Anatolian provinces.


  • The Trebizond Greeks successfully drive the Ottomans from central Anatolia. Fierce fighting takes place around the region of Angora.
  • A Timurid army amasses at the border of Trebizond, so Manuel IV withdraws half of his army and rushes to meet them on the eastern Pontic border.


  • The Timurids retake control of Sivas, but are attacked by Trapezuntine and Georgian forces. They are soon crushed.
  • Several Timurid hordes spill into the Khaganate of Ak Koyunlu.
  • Athens is seized from the Byzantines by several French and Venetian dukes, who declare the resurrection of the Latin Duchy of Athens.
  • The Empire of Trebizond negotiates a peace with the Ottoman Empire by forcing them to cede Bithynia.


  • The Empire of Trebizond and Byzantium renew a military alliance.
  • Georgia, with much difficulty, drives the Timurids from their territory.

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