• 1980 - Erich Honecker declares the proclamation of a "New Prussia"
  • 1984 - West Germany formulates a plan for German Reunification
  • 1986 - Mikhail Gorbachev visits West Germany
  • 1988 - Berlin prepares to secede from East Germany
  • 1989 - The Berlin Wall is torn down


  • 1990 - Germany is reunified under the Federal Republic of Germany
  • 1995 - East German Protestors declare their independence. Treaty of Belgrade allows for Autonomy for East Germany. The Confederation of German States is proposed for 2001
  • 1996 - President of the United States visits Leipzig
  • 1997 - East Germany agrees to allow for the reconstruction of the Reichstag
  • 1999 - The Confederation of German States is approved. But the Federal Republic remains the name of the country
  • 2000 - The New German Constitution is approved



  • A Protest Occurs Outside of Berlin's Reichstag, Secessionist declare the birth of a new GDR
  • Russia sends tanks, weapons, and advisors to aid the GDR
  • Civil War begins with an attack on the Reichstag
  • West German officials are moved to Bonn
  • The Palast de Republik is destroyed in a symbol of Militaristic Pride
  • Russia condemns the attack on the Palast de Republik, calls for talks to ease the tensions
  • The Berlin Freedom Fighters are established to fight alongside the West Germans
  • East Berliners flee the city as Most of the Berliners, side with the West.
  • President Bush agrees to meet with the Russian Government in Moscow, to discuss peace talks with the Germans
  • The Russians learn that the attack on the Palast de Republik was an inside job by German Democratic officials attempting to sway Berliners, who had sided with the West for some time
  • Al Qaeda attacks the World Trade Center and Pentagon (September 11th Attacks)
  • President Bush announces the deployment of American Troops to Afghanistan, in response to the terrorist attacks
  • Peace talks break down, after the GDR assassinates a senior Russian Official


  • Berlin is liberated as word of the inside job gets out, many see democracy as the only true way to freedom, despite anti-American resentment 
  • More than 100,000 Berliners enlist in the Freedom Fighters
  • Berlin declares its independence from the German Democratic Republic, establishes Berlin City-State
  • Treaty of Moscow: Pre-1989 Lines are agreed to. Berlin will vote on its sovereignty in 2007
  • German highways are placed under the control of the German Travel Authority, Jointly Run by the West and East, as well as Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France
  • Ferry Shuttles are allowed to port cities in West Germany
  • The two countries build their embassies in Bonn and Leipzig
  • East Germany aligns itself with Russia, allowing its Baltic fleet free access to East German bases

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