June 3rd- Confederate General Robert E. Lee invades the state of Pennsylvania with an army 80,000. Culminating into the Battle of Gettysburg, for the first three days the Confederates continued to charge the Union Lines at the front and the flank, with no clear winner. Refusing to withdraw Robert E Lee builds a series of long term trenches and low walls. For two weeks the two armies stared across the No Man's Land that they created.

June 22nd- Confederate General P.G.T Beauregard leads a surprise attack of just 4,000 up the Potomac and takes Baltimore in a quick campaign.

June 27th- Washington, garrisoned with a thousand, is put under siege by Beauregard's lightning campaign.

June 28th The original Baltimore offence had been split and a group of 700 attacks the union trenches at Gettysburg at the flank, causing the line collapse, fleeing to Philadelphia Pennsylvania is pillaged by Lee's army, Washington continues to hold out.

July 4th- The British under Prime Minster Henry John Temple allies with the C.S.A seeking to continue profits of manufactured cotton. A task force of 8,000 is deployed from Canada into New England within hours,

July 5th- In desperation the US Congress, besieged in Washington telegraphs, Russia granting them the Oregon Territory. If they join the war, Russia Responds provoking Britain and France breaking their polices of the Eastern Question by invading the Ottoman Empire, starting the 2nd Crimean War.

July 7th William I of Austria demands that Russia withdraws from the Crimea in a Balkans. That same day the demand is refused.

July 8th Austria declares War on Russia joining Britain and France, for now the German Confederation Remains Neutral

July 10th- George G Meade, makes a comeback in Landsdowne Pennsylvania. With 55,000 he strikes the Confederate Army from Behind sandwiching Lee between the near city of Philadelphia and Meade. 10,000 Confederates are killed, 30,000 are captured. Lee escapes with 20,000 Confederates. In the New England Theater the British have been pillaging Maine, Grant Advances with a force of 15,000 to counter the Canadian Assault.

July 13th- The Russian Invasion of the Ottoman Empire is going well as 800,000 have crossed the Danube into the Balkans, defeating the Austrians at Silicia. The French has sent aid to the Turks with an army of 7,000 under command of General Duphy.

The British are only focusing on North America at this point,

July 15th The Russian fleet puts Constantinople under siege.

July 18th, General Meade marches into Baltimore, seeing no chance against the Union's Army Confederate General Beauregard withdraws his troops in the Morning before the arrival of Meade.

July 23nd Meade advances against Washington.

July 20th Grant loses the Battle of Portland, overwhelmed by the British Army, the British however can not make send more troops to America as they are organizing a force to save the Ottoman Empire.

July 27th Outside of Washington, Meade arrives with a relief force, Beauregard and Lee make a stand, ensuing in the Battle of Hyattsville.

July 29th For Two days the Confederates have maintained an defensive line as they maneuver against Union Charges,

July 30th In a truly bold move, President Lincoln takes personal charge of the Confederate Garrison and attacks the Confederate Rear mid day. Lee, distracted and confused, fell victim to a rifle from an unknown Union Soldier, Sandwiched in a situation similar to Landsdowne, Beauregard, taking impressive command of the situation, avoids collapse by making a swift and orderly withdraw south, 5000 Confederates are captured. The rest escape.

August 2nd- Seeing a chance to regain lost Byzantine Lands King Otto of Greece declares war on the Ottoman Empire.

August 25th The Russians have stormed across the Balkans being welcomed as liberators by the Slavic-Orthodox communities.

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