• June 28 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, survive a near assassination attempt.
  • June 29 - Gravilo Princip is arrested by Austrian authorities in his home in the southern provinces after his location was leaked by neighbors.
  • July 6, - The Mexican Revolution escalates into the Mexican Civil War, and the United States deploys troops to the northern states of Mexico to protect the United States.
  • July 15, - Princip is found guilty of attempted assassination, and is hanged by the neck until dead. His last words were: "... Serbia will stay ... independent."
  • July 22, - Mexican revolutionaries attack El Paso, Texas in an event to get the US out of Mexico.
  • August 12, - Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, followed by the British and French declaration of War on Austria-Hungary, and Germany declares war on Britain, France, and Serbia.
  • August 13: Russia declares war on Austria-Hungary and Germany.
  • August 20: Russia launches an invasion of Germany and seizes the OTL Poland area.
  • August 27, - The United States, despite warnings of war by the German government, annexes the Baja Peninsula, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas as precautions to protect the US states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.
  • September 1, - Austrian-Hungarian soldiers advance into Serbia, but are halted by Serbian resistance in the hills.
  • September 5 - Germany issues an declaration of war against the United States, and sends soldiers to the Mexican revolutionaries to help fight the Mexican and American armies. World War One has begun.
  • September 7 - German soldiers are taken away from the Western Front, and are sent to liberate German possessions from the Russians.
  • September 9 - French forces push into the weakened lines of the Western Front, and begin to march on to Frankfurt.
  • September 15 - French and German forces clash at the town of Bensheim, and which became the bloodiest battleground in German history.
  • September 20 - The Battle of Bensheim ends with an German victory, but is severely weakened by the lack of resources, and falls back to Frankfurt.
  • September 26 - British forces arrive at the newly established FOB at Bransheim and prepares for an counterattack into Frankfurt.
  • October 2 - German forces are defeated at the Battle of Koszalin, and the Russians begin to march onto Berlin.
  • October 5 - Austria-Hungary begins to splinter and fall apart, and some provinces secede to Serbia, Romania and Italy.
  • October 11 - Serbian, Italian and Romanian troops prepare to counterattack into Austria to give a final blow to the weakened country,
  • October 15 - Russian forces surround Berlin, while the French capture Frankfurt and proceed Leipzig to deal with the German Empire once and for all.
  • October 18 - American and Mexican soldiers defeat the German soldiers at the Second Battle of Veracruz, and the Mexican Revolutionary Army begins to splinter.
  • November 1 - Vienna falls to Italian hands, while Hungarian nationalist seize the capital of Budapest, bringing an end to the Austria-Hungary.
  • November 5 - The Mexican Civil War continues after Pancho Villa takes command of the Mexican Revolutionary Army, and begins counter measures against the Mexican and American governments.
  • November 9 - Leipzig falls and the French occupy southern Germany.
  • November 18 - Berlin falls to the Russians, and the German Empire is disbanded, and replaced with the Weimar Republic.
  • November 22 - American Army Air Corps is formed, and immediately is sent to bomb Pancho Villa's Revolutionary Army.


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