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  • 29th October - Israel launches Operation Kadesh beginning the Suez War. Israel begin to bomb targets across the Sinai Peninsula. By the end of the day Ras an-Naqb and Sharm el-Sheik are captured by the Israeli 9th Infantry Brigade.
  • 30th October - Britain and France issue an ultimatum to General Nasser who responds by bombing 40 ships in the Suez Canal.
  • 31st October - The British and France begin Operation Musketeer and launch bombing raids on Egyptian air fields establishing air superiority over Egypt.


  • 2nd November - The United Nations General Assembly passes Resolution 997 by 64 votes to 5 (rejected by Britain, France, Israel, Australia and New Zealand). The leaders of the Triparite countries agree in private that all calls for a ceasefire would be ignored.
  • 5th November - British forces capture Port Said from Nasser's forces.
  • 7th November - Britain, France and Israel ignore threats by both the Soviet Union or the United States. Forces start to head towards Cairo. The U.S calls for an embargo on Britain and France.
  • 12th November - Cairo is captured following a joint assault by Triparite forces. Nasser is captured by French forces.
  • 13th November - The U.S announces an embargo to be placed on both Britain and France. Some countries such as Saudi Arabia follow and refuse to sell the two countries oil. West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies publically condemn the embargos and refuse to follow. The countries of Western Europe as well as New Zealand, Iraq, Turkey and Iran also do not follow the embargo. In Moscow, Khrushchev is questioned to why he did not act against Britain and France.
  • 14th November - Eden flies out to Washington to meet with Eisenhower and repair relations. Eisenhower agrees to call off the embargo but relations between the U.S and Britain and France are heavily strained.

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