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  • 10th September (POD) - Anthony Eden accepts Guy Mollet's request for France and Britain to join together and the joining will take place in Early December.


  • 29th October - The Suez War begins. Britain, Israel and France invades Egypt over the Nationlisation of the Suez Canal.


  • Early November - As Britain and France both decide to stick together, The Two Countries along with Israel ignore warnings from The United States and The Soviet Union and push on through Egypt.
  • 16th November - Egypt surrenders. Israel annexes the Sinai Area while Britain and France are put back in control of the Suez. King Farouk I is put back in control of Egypt
  • 17th November - The US turns its back onto Britain and France and forces them out of NATO
  • 19th November - West Germany disgusted with what the US has done, decides leaves NATO in protest
  • 21st November - Eden and Mollet announce the joining together of Britain and France. Riots spark out on major British and French Cities.
  • 22nd November -
    • People start to think that the joining of the two countries is not a bad idea.
    • Britain and France compete in the Olympics for the last time as The Melbourne Olympics begin.
  • 29th - With the Fallout with Britain, France and West Germany. The U.S leaves NATO and change interests to the Pacific.


  • 1st -
    • The Second Coronation of Farouk I of Egypt takes place.
    • A Plebiscite is held in Ireland asking whether Ireland should join the upcoming union. The Results come out as 52% Yes and 48% No.
  • 3rd -
  • 6th -

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