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A timeline of events for the For Want of Bad Weather timeline.

18th century

The Great War

  • 1740 -
    • December - Frederick II begins his invasion of Silesia. He is however killed when his horse trips on muddy grass, causing Frederick to be thrown off to his death. Realizing it's too late to back down, Prussia instead puts Leopold II in charge.
    • January - France, an ally of Prussia and realizing their struggle (considering the new leader as well as a child on the Prussian throne) and declares war on Austria.
    • February - Great Britain gives aid the Austrians.
    • April - France and Prussia face several losses in battle against the Austrians and British. Realizing the war will only get worse, the Prussians surrender. Britain stays allied to Austria, believing that the nation could balance power in Europe by putting up a fight against France. France and Prussia stay allies and France sends help to regain order in the battered nation.
  • (more to come)
Divisions of New France (Montcalm Survives)

North America in 1761.

Late 18th century

  • (more to come)
  • 1778 - James Cook lands on Nootka Sound. He later returns to Great Britain to deliver the news, and interest grows on the area.
  • 1789 - The French Revolution takes place. (events TBD)
  • 1799 - The Russian-American Company is founded, and settlements begin to grow in Alyeska.

19th century

New Caledonia Boundary Dispute (Montcalm Survives)

The border dispute of New Caledonia

  • 1816 - The United Kingdom names the OTL Oregon area "New Caledonia", an official new crown colony. Thousands of troops in Rupert's Land as well as Great Britain are sent to increase the population.
  • 1821 - Mexico gains independence from Spain. The near-bankrupt country influences settlements from the other North American countries (New Caledonia, Canada and the United States).
    • The independence movement starts a chain reaction that leads through the entirety of Spain's American colonies, and Gran Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina become independent.
  • 1823 - The Federal Republic of Central America gains independence from Mexico. The nation later remains united as to not be taken over by Mexico or Gran Colombia.
  • 1836 - The Texas Revolution takes place, however it ends in a Mexican victory from lack of immigrant settlers.
Balkans 1870s (For Want of Bad Weather)

The Balkan peninsula, 1870s

20th century

Balkans 1920s (For Want of Bad Weather)

Balkan peninsula, after the Russian Revolution

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