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  • 2.2 Million BC: In eastern Africa, mutations in the genome of homo habilus cause early man to differentiate into five different species: Thallians, Hombrians, Mirians, Rhesians, and Supians.
  • 2.1 Million BC: Rhesians begin migrating south and west into sub-Saharan Africa.
  • 2.0 Million BC: Proto-Thallians begin migrating northward into Europe and central Asia. Mirians migrate westward into southern Asia.
  • 1.8 Million BC: Proto-Hombrians migrate into the Arabian peninsula.
  • 1.5 Million BC: Thallians grow taller in stature and migrate farther north into the Arctic and Subarctic.
  • 1.4 Million BC: Mirians settle the entire coast of Eastern Asia.
  • 1.2 Million BC: Supians settle in Indochina.
  • 1.0 Million BC: Thallians begin crossing the Arctic landbridge into Alaska.
  • 700,000 BC: Hombrians settle northern Africa, along the Mediterranean coast.
  • 600,000 BC: Hombrians push westward into Persia.
  • 500,000 BC: Thallians settle the Himalayan mountain regain.
  • 300,000 BC: Thallians begin using simple stone tools.
  • 280,000 BC: The use of stone tools spreads to Hombrians and Mirians.
  • 240,000 BC: Mirians develop better fishing techniques.
  • 200,000 BC: Thallians begin building cave dwellings.
  • 120,000 BC: Rhesians begin building tree structures.
  • 80,000 BC: Hombrians build simple caves in Mesopotamia.
  • 50,000 BC: Hombrians begin using iron tools.
  • 40,000 BC: Rhesians mix the first medicines. Supians begin building canoes.
  • 35,000 BC: Supians migrate across the sea to Australia.
  • 30,000 BC: Mirians begin building canoes.
  • 25,000 BC: Hombrians use bronze tools.
  • 20,000 BC: Thallians construct giant rowing ships.
  • 15,000 BC: Mirians settle Japan and the Phillipinies.
  • 10,000 BC: Mirians settle the west coast of North America.
  • 8,000 BC: Mirians settle South America.
  • 7,000 BC: The Supians first master the art of writing.

Ancient Times

  • 5440 BC: Hombrians found the village of Babylon in Mesopotomia.
  • 5100 BC: Mirians found the village of Peking.
  • 4790 BC: Thallians found the village of Krasnoyarsk.
  • 4300 BC: Rhesians organize the city-state of Axum.
  • 3410 BC: Hombrians build several cities along the Nile River.
  • 3100 BC: Hombrians unite the Nile cities into a single Egyptian kingdom.
  • 2640 BC: Thallians develop more efficient mining techniques.
  • 2200 BC: Supians build extensive statues in Australia and compose religious texts.
  • 1890 BC: Mirians invade India, starting the First Bengal War.
  • 1870 BC: Hombrians win the First Bengal War, forcing Mirians back into Burma.
  • 1330 BC: Hombrians push westward from Turkey into the Balkans.
  • 1270 BC: Thallians hurl boulders at the Hombrian city of Troy, ending the invasion.
  • 1060 BC: Supian philosophers develop critical mathematical theorems.
  • 940 BC: The first coined money appears in Hombrian cities.
  • 700 BC: Durng the Great Peace, trade flourishes between Hombrians and Mirians.
  • 650 BC: Mirians develop running water in wealthy homes.
  • 490 BC: Mirians gain strength in North America and attempt to push northward into the arctic. They are repelled by Thallians in the Canadian War.
  • 440 BC: The Nubian War begins as Hombrians invade eastern Africa.
  • 420 BC: Hombrians win the Nubian war, enslaving local Rhesians.
  • 340 BC: Rhesians revolt in eastern Africa, liberating the village of Khartoum.
  • 280 BC: The Mirian empire in China fragments into several smaller kingdoms.
  • 1 AD: the Hombrian prophet Garisha is born in Bethlehem.
  • 33 AD: Garisha is executed for heresy against the Judean government.
  • 100 AD: Garishism, a new religion, spreads eastward to Babylon.
  • 250 AD: Garishism spreads to India, but fails to take root there.
  • 320 AD: Hombrians and Mirians unite to defeat a Thallian army in central Asia, in the Sinkiang War.
  • 330 AD: In the Great Betrayal, Mirians turn against Hombrian armies and invade Persia.
  • 360 AD: Mirians capture the Hombrian city of Babylon.
  • 410 AD: Thallians emerge from the Himalays to loot Mirian cities in Tibet.
  • 440 AD: Asia falls into chaos. Thallians emerge, temporarily, as the dominant species.

Middle Ages

  • 525: Thallians raid cities along the coast of China.
  • 620: Thallians launch raiding parties across the Mediterranean to northern Africa.
  • 890: Rhesian slaves revolt against their Hombrian rulers in eastern Africa. The revolt fails.

Modern Times

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