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Welcome to the timeline for Filius Divi.

27 BC

  • Just like in the OTL, Augustus comes to power as Emperor of Rome.

16 BC

  • Livia and Augustus have a son (POD). They call him Lucius.

14 AD

  • Augustus dies of natural causes. Livia did not poison him, as some historians suspect.

15 AD

  • Lucius is crowned Emperor.

16 AD

  • Lucius continues expansion. Germanicus still wins the Battle of the Weser River and recovers Varus' lost standards.
  • Lucius begins to eliminate some potential rival claimants to his power.

17 AD

  • Tiberius Claudius Nero (Emperor in OTL) dies a suspicious death. Many suspect Livia was involved.

21 AD

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