(Incomplete) timeline of Fate of Humanity

In the Fate of Humanity timeline, years aren't AD or BC, they are just numbers. This is because Jesus Christ never came to earth in this timeline, but Christianity does remain a major religion. Will explain why in the timeline.


  • Junic people invent their own way of communicating, language.
  • People in the area of Russia, form the Kingdom of Junic (Fate of Humanity).
  • The Kingdom of Junic (Fate of Humanity) creates a Military for themselves. This is why Historians fascinate over the Junic peoples. They invented Government and Military.
  • In Eastern Russia, The Sloen peoples form their own Kingdom and Military. The Sloen peoples main ideology is to have a world where only Sloen people exist. This new ideology is called Sloenic Ideology.
  • Meanwhile, in the area of Greece, the Mace peoples form a Kingdom. The Mace peoples have their own ideology, Peace.
  • Sloen peoples declare war on Junic peoples.
  • The Sloen peoples small army falls easily, but their ideology will live on, representing true evil.


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