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This is a timeline of events in the scenario Fascist Austria.


20th Century


  • Adolf Hitler enlists in the Austro-Hungarian Army and is deployed against the Russians on the Eastern Front.


  • A German Unterseeboot sinks a British passenger ship called the Lusitania, killing over 1200 people and 128 American citizens. Germany claims that the ship had secretly been carrying munitions.


  • Germany sends Mexico a telegram saying that they will aid Mexico in a takeover of the Southwestern United States if they join the Central Powers. Mexico declines.


  • Hitler returns home to Vienna, angry about the Austrian surrender. He vows never to see his people surrender again.


  • Hitler seeks work in the Austrian Army after World War 1.


  • Hitler gets word about the German Workers' Party, a nationalist group that criticises the Treaty of Versailles. He decides to create the National Socialist Austrian Workers' Party, gaining considerable followers.


  • The Austrian government beings to worry about the growing power of the Nazi Party, so defences are built up around Vienna just in case of revolution.
  • The Nazi Party gains more followers all across Vienna, with membership totaling at 2134 persons.

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