This timeline is for Fall of Constantinople 675AD for ATL Events

7th century

675: Constantinople falls to the Umayyad Caliphate of Damascus. the Emperor Justinian II flees to Taurica with the rest of the Pontic fleet, in the Balkans the armies withdraw to Italy, in an attempt to avoid the Ummayad invasion from reaching the papacy, troops from the Exarchate of Carthage as well enter the Italian peninsula from Sicily and Sardinia, and troops from Benevento and other Italian states join the fight against the Muslims. In Venice the complete army of the christian nations meet, around 100.000 soldiers of Latin origins sail south to Dalmatia, where they land in Spalatum where they found a occupation army of half of their size. Battle of Spalatum starts, representing a small Islamic defeat in the region.

While this is in a far region with little or no concern from the Muslims, Colgu mac failbe king of Munsters invades Connacht initiating the war of unification of Ireland.

In December of 675 the Muslims meet with a Christian squad who deceive the army of the Muslims and lead them to an ambush in Al-Sirmiya (OTL Sirmium). The first big defeat in Dalmatia and the Balkans suffered by the Caliphal armies, the victory renders

676: After the success in Pannonia the forces of the Christian coalition in Dalmatia began to push the Caliphal armies into the Balkans, where the armies began to pursue each other to assert control over the region

After the success in Pannonia the forces of the Christian coalition in Dalmatia began to push the Caliphal armies into the Balkans, where the armies began to pursue each other to assert control over the region

The Eastern Emperor Justinian II manages to get a hold of Taurica (OTL crimea) where with the local troops he proclaims the Kingdom of Taurica and Cherson in Sebastopolis, keeping the remnants of the Byzantine fleet in the black sea defending the nation, in early September the Muslim fleet attempts to deploy forces in the area however failing as the byzantine remaining navy ambushes them destroying the assembled fleet, forcing the rest to withdraw back to held territory in Anatolia

In Rome the Pope Deodatus II dies, giving its title to Donus (much like OTL) who pressured by the success of Lucius Mauritius Flavius crowns him Emperor of Rome (in order to defend the Christian ruling in Italy and Northern Africa, in September 8th of the current year the Battle of Hadrianopolis takes place, where the Romans manage to siege, and enter the city, sacking it, and taking with them most of the Christian relics and gold artifacts back to controlled territory

In Britain Essex begins organizing further itself, using old roman infrastructure to grow in power and influence in its region.

677: The Pope Donus dies, after a visit to the patriarch of Rotomagus in winter, He's succeeded by Leo II, Priest from Carthage (ITTL). The Roman forces lead by Lucius are defeated in the battle of Dirrachium as the Muslim navy manages to capture several landing spots from the Romans, the roman army is forced to withdraw from Muslim occupied Greece into Roman held Dalmatia In early July of the year, the Romans manage to bargain a truce with the Umayyad forces, due to the exhaustion of the Muslim armies after the invasion campaign on a far more densely populated area, as well as in a far more complex territory as is the Balkan peninsula, as well as on the capture of a non friendly territory being far more dangerous, the Umayyads agree on leaving Dalmatia in roman hands, focusing itself on the subjugation of the Balkans and Anatolia, the Treaty of Al-Diraq thus begins.

Aquitaine and Burgundy enter into a Dynastic union as the King of the later wishes to extend his power and stabilize his domain further, by creating the Kingdom of Occitania, centered in Toulouse.

The Caliphate continues suppressing Persian Zoroastrianism and forcing Islam into Persia. However, the population isn't quite eager to let the change go as fast as the Umayyads expected. The area is quite resilient on the change.

8th Century

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