Below is the timeline for Fall of Anchorage.


1918: World War One ends. Austro-Hungarian government disbanded. Germans rush in and fill the gap.

1921: Spanish royal family replaced by new communist government. Dictator orders the annexation of Portugal.

1923: Portugal defeated by Spain. Spain takes south France, up to the town of Lyon.

1925: Diptheria Anti-toxin delivered to Nome, Alaska. Alaska complains to Washington D.C about bad conditions.

1932: Western American states fed-up with Washington.

1939: World War Two begins; America turns its attention on Japan.

1939-1945: World War Two.

1945: World War Two ends. Romania annexes Serbia and Bulgaria.

1946: American Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Warhead Schematics stolen by Russian spies.

December, 1948: Russian Nuclear Warheads land in North-West United States, Oregon and Idaho completely destroyed, city of Seattle crumbles.

January, 1949: Seattle, and the state of Washington, completely destroyed. Western states move towards Washington D.C.

1950: Washington at war with West US. Western States take the Central States, Washington D.C and the Eastern States on the defensive.

1951: Washington D.C activates Nuclear Missiles in the Central States, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, and Oklahoma completely destroyed, half of Western army decimated. Italy annexes the Vatican and Switzerland.

1952: Washington D.C’s armies take the remaining central states; they leave the Eastern States behind.

1953: Britain takes the Eastern States while the US is distracted in the Central and Western States.

1954: Alaska breaks away from the United States, taking much of Washington’s Nuclear Arsenal with them.

1956: California, Arizona and Nevada break away from the United States, and take the California Peninsula for themselves.

1958: Alaska launches half of Washington’s Arsenal at the British Eastern States.

March 2, 1959: Britain annexes Ireland. Geneva Convention held to prevent war between Britain and the United States, United States President does not attend.

March 4, 1959: Vice-President of the US and British Prime Minister killed when Geneva is destroyed by unknown Warheads.

1960: Spain takes France, Paris lies in ruins.


1961: Spain takes Belgium and the Netherlands, Italy moves north to intercept.

1962: Largest earthquake ever recorded destroys Rome, much of Italian army lost.

1963: Germany and Spain fight over Germany, Germany is defeated and Spain takes the country.

December, 1964: Washington, knowing that the West cannot be defeated, surrenders, and gives the West its freedom.

January, 1965: With Washington D.C a wasteland, Chicago, Illinois becomes the new Capital of the Eastern United States. Denver, Colorado becomes the Capital of the Western United States. Las Vegas becomes the Capital of The Mojave Republic (California, Arizona and Nevada).

1967: Canada gives the Yukon Territory to the New Alaskan Republic.

1970: The New Alaskan Republic and The Mojave Republic sign a peace treaty.

1975: Spain has taken all of mainland Europe, with the exception of Italy and Scandinavia.

1976: Scandinavia attacks the Ukraine, Spain destroys their army. Russia is gathering strength.

1977: Scandinavia attacks again, they manage to take Ukraine.

1978: Russia enters Ukraine, Scandinavia joins Russia, and the New Soviet Union is formed.

1979: New Soviet Union invades Romania and Bulgaria.

1980: Italian army pushes east, and takes Spanish Greece.

1981: Russia moves north-west, and takes Germany.

1982: Spain destroys Naples, the new Italian Capital. Italy surrenders.

1982: Two weeks after Italy surrenders, another round of Spanish Nukes destroys Sicily, Italy wiped out.

1985: British Royal Family and Government flee to Ireland as Spain invades London.

1986: Ireland kills British refugees; Spain destroys Ireland and moves north towards Scotland.

1986: Two months later, Scotland destroyed; Spain celebrates their victory over Europe.

1988: New Soviet Union drops an atomic bomb on Madrid.

1988: Two weeks after the destruction of Madrid, The New Soviet Union drops another atomic bomb on Berlin, the new Spanish Capital.

1989: The third and final atomic bomb in the war against Spain is dropped on Athens.

1989: Three days after the destruction of Athens, Spain surrenders. Spanish Remnants are sent to live in Portugal.

1990: Spanish Communist Government thrown out during the Portuguese Revolution, a new Royal Family is brought in.

1992: The Lyons rise out of the remains of Britain, and set about reshaping the nuclear wasteland.

1995: South America begins stockpiling weapons.

1996: South America  pushes through Mexico towards Chicago.

1998: The Mojave Republic destroys Rio de Janeiro. South America retreats.

2000: The New Alaskan Republic launches half of its remaining Nuclear missiles at South America. South America turned into a Nuclear Wasteland.

February, 2001: China crosses the Pacific and lands in The New Alaskan Republic, in the southern town of Seward.

April, 2003: The New Soviet Union crosses the Pacific, in pursuit of China. They land in Nome, in the western New Alaskan Republic.

June, 2003: The Lyons send their navy north, then west. They land in Point Barrow, in the northern New Alaskan Republic.

2004: The three countries send their armies towards Anchorage.

2005: The Mojave Republic sends their army north.

2006: China, Russia and The Lyons arrive in Anchorage and begin the fight for the city. The armies of the Mojave arrive in Dawson, in the eastern New Alaskan Republic.

May, 2007: The Mojave Republic pushes west, and takes Chinese occupied Fort Yukon.

August, 2007: Armies of the Mojave arrive in Anchorage.

December, 2007: China defeats The New Soviet Union, who retreats back to Russia.

June 2011: China defeats The Lyons, who retreat north.

July 2011: China destroys The Lyons’ navy.

August 2011: The Lyons send the remainder of their army back to Anchorage in a last stand against China.

October 2011: The Supreme Governor of the Mojave is assassinated.

November 2011:  The Mojave Republic is weakened, China sends their armies across the Pacific to San Francisco.

December 2011: China is brutally defeated by the Western States, who have allied with the Mojave Republic, at Los Angeles.

February, 2012: The Mojave Republic’s armies enter Anchorage.

December, 2012: Anchorage is liberated from China, the entire world hears the broadcast; “Anchorage has fallen”.

July, 2013: The New Alaskan Republic’s government is restored.

November, 2013: The New Alaskan Republic launches the remainder of its arsenal at China.

December, 2013: Remainder of world at peace...for now.

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