A Note on Dates

I have included three different dating systems in this timeline. One is the popular Ab Urbe Condita, which chronicles time from the founding of the City of Rome (circa 753 BC). For the Trojans I have created my own dating system, from the founding of their city (which most archaeologists agree was around 2600 BC). For these I have used the Greek letters ΦΦπ (phi-phi-pi) as an acronym for "from the founding of the city." Lastly in parentheses I have included the traditional BC/AD dating from the birth of Christ for comparison to mainstream time.

In addition, it would be more accurate to use Roman and Greek numerals for dates, but both of these are subtractive forms of numbering and grow increasingly convoluted as years go by. So for simplicity's sake I have used traditional numerals.

Point of Divergence

In the first book of the Iliad, Agamemnon, the General of the Greek armies gathered at Troy, is in an argument with Achilles, king of the Myrmidons and foremost warrior among the Greeks. Increasingly appalled, Achilles draws his sword to cut Agamemnon down. In OTL, Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, intervenes (or, more likely, Achilles' common sense) and warns Achilles to put away his sword, telling him his time will come.

Here, however, at roughly 1198 BC, Achilles does no such thing, and strikes down Agamemnon. His brother Menelaus, whose jilting by Helen started the Trojan War, is enraged and attacks Achilles. Achilles kills him as well, and usurps control of the Greek armies, leading them back to their black ships, back to Greece across the wine-dark sea. And so Troy, Ilium, Ilion, continues to stand.

Timeline of Events

1402 ΦΦπ (1198 BC) - Trojan War ends. Akhilleus leads the Greeks back home. Helen remains a captive.

1410 ΦΦπ (1190 BC) - King Priam dies, naming Prince Aeneas as his successor.

1426 ΦΦπ (1174 BC) - The reign of King Aeneas proves one of hedonism and corruption. After several assassination attempts Aeneas abdicates, taking his followers with him into exile on the Italian peninsula.

1427 ΦΦπ (1173 BC) - Three children of Priam: Hektor, Paris, and Deiphobos all proclaim themselves King of Troy, each with alliances made among the rest of Priam's fifty sons. War of the Fifty Sons begins.

1431 ΦΦπ (1169 BC) - Paris dies of syphilis. Helen commits suicide by leaping from the city walls.

1435 ΦΦπ (1165 BC) - War of the Fifty Sons ends. Hektor kills Deiphobos in single combat and has the rest of the Fifty Sons exiled or executed. Hektor is proclaimed King Hektor I, King of Troy.

1440 ΦΦπ (1160 BC) - King Hektor I leads a campaign of conquest of the other city-states of Asia Minor. Eventually he conquers all of the peninsula, and proclaims the Trojan Empire.

1500 ΦΦπ (1100 BC) to 1844 ΦΦπ (756 BC) - The Trojan Empire expands across the Middle East.

1847 ΦΦπ (753 BC) - Skirmishes occur along the shared border of the Trojan Empire and Assyrian Babylon.

  • Rome: Rome as we know it is founded.

2 AUC, 1849 ΦΦπ (755 BC) to 10 AUC, 1857 ΦΦπ, (763 BC) - The Trojan Empire and Babylon sign a noninterference pact and free trade agreement known as the Pact of Kings.

  • Greece: The Federation of Heroes annexes Macedonia.
  • Rome: Roman territory spreads across central Italy.

245 AUC, 2094 ΦΦπ (508 BC) - Another free trade agreement, similar to the Pact of Kings, is proposed by Troy to the Federation of Heroes, but is repulsed by King Polemachus IX of the Federation.

  • Rome: Roman monarchy is overthrown. Roman Republic is formed.

260 AUC, 2109 ΦΦπ (493 BC) - Trojan armies invade Persian territory, violating the Pact of Kings and sparking the Persian-Trojan War.

  • Rome and Greece: Roman envoys sent to the Federation of Heroes sign a military alliance known as the Greco-Roman Alliance.

277 AUC, 2126 ΦΦπ (476 BC) - Troy begins to encroach on Carthaginian territory in North Africa.

  • Carthage: Carthage joins the Greco-Roman Alliance, and as a show of good fatih relinquishes control of Sicily and Sardinia to Rome.
  • Rome: The Roman Republic now has control of the Italian and Iberian peninsulas.

397 AUC, 2246 ΦΦπ (356 BC) - Persian-Trojan War ends. Troy annexes most of western Babylonian territory. Babylon becomes a semi-autonomous city-state under Trojan hegemony.

419 AUC, 2268 ΦΦπ (334 BC) - Greek armies under Alexander invade Asia Minor.

  • World: First Great War begins. The members of the Greco-Roman alliance, the Roman Republic, the Federation of Heroes, and the Carthaginian Republic align against the Trojan Empire and the Babylonian Territories.

421 AUC, 2271 ΦΦπ (331 BC) - Greco-Roman armies march through Asia Minor, link up with Carthaginian troops in the south, and lay siege at Troy's walls in the First Battle of Troy.

422 AUC, 2272 ΦΦπ (330 BC) - Babylonian troops arrive at Troy to relieve the besieged city. The unprepared Greco-Romans are driven back during the Second Battle of Troy.

425 AUC, 2275 ΦΦπ (327 BC) - Trojan-Babylonian armies drive the Greco-Romans out of Asia Minor.

  • Mediterranean Sea: Combined Roman and Carthaginian forces massacre Trojan navies at the First and Second Battles of Ithaca.

429 AUC, 2279 ΦΦπ (323 BC) - Alexander of Macedon dies of malaria. Lacking a strong leader, Greco-Roman troops fall back, breaking the stalemate on land created by the Trojan-Babylonian charge in the Battle of Thrace.

431 AUC, 2281 ΦΦπ (321 BC) - Trojan-Babylonian troops lay siege to Athens and burn it to the ground.

  • Mediterrenean Sea: Trojan forces gain control of the Aegean Sea in the Battle of Rhodes.

432 AUC, 2282 ΦΦπ (320 BC) - The Greco-Roman Alliance surrenders.

  • Lesbos: At the Conference of Lesbos, the Trojans and Romans split the territory of the destroyed Federation of Heroes in half.
  • Carthage: With its economy destroyed by the war, the Carthaginian Republic begs annexation into the Roman Republic.
  • World: The Cold War begins.

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