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This is the Timeline of world events in Eternal Rivals. Some events are before the first established POD, and are to give the reader some back story. Main PODS are in bold.

1800 - 753 B.C.

  • 1800 - Alphabetic Writing emerges. (OTL)
  • 1700 - The Indus Valley Civilization mostly collapses. (OTL)
  • 1600 - Beginning of Mycenaean Greece. (OTL)
  • 1600 - Hittite dominance over the Eastern Mediterranean begins. (OTL)
  • c. 1350 - Indus Valley cities band together, barely surviving the harsh trials ahead.
  • 1271 - The Mycenaean Greek Confederation defeats the Dorians at the Battle of Thebes.
  • c. 1180 - End of Hittite dominance and the beginning of the end of their empire. (OTL)
  • c. 1100 - Groups of Minoan farmers and peasants flee from the Sea Peoples and settle at Karfi.
  • c. 1050 - 850 - The Mycenaeans expand around the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

753 - 534 B.C.

  • 753 - Traditional founding of Rome by Romulus. (OTL)
  • 745 - Tiglath-Pileser III becomes the new king of Assyria and he turns it into an empire. (OTL)
  • 728 - Establishment of the Median Empire. (OTL)
  • 617 - Death of Ancus Marcius and the ascension of his eldest son as king.
  • 612 - Fall of Nineveh and the Assyrian Empire. (OTL)
  • 586 - Fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonian Empire during the Jewish Revolt. (OTL)
  • 563 - Siddhartha Gautama is born in India. (OTL)
  • 560 - Amel Marduk survives a coup instigated by his brother-in-law.
  • 556 - End of the Jewish Exodus and return of the Jews to Israel and Judah.
  • 553 - Cyrus of Persia begins a revolt against the Median Empire, starting the Persian - Median Wars .
  • 551 - Confucius is born in China. (OTL)
  • 550 - Cyrus the Persian defeats Astyages at the Battle of Pasargadae.
  • 549 - A joint Median-Babylonian force defeats the Persian Army at Bisitun.
  • 544 - Hittite survivors rebel against the Median Empire and successfully establish a confederacy of city-states.
  • 539 - Babylon defeats Persia at the Battle of Opis.
  • 535 - A joint Babylonian-Median force is defeated at Susa.
  • 534 - A peace treaty ends the Persian - Median Wars.

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