• 1607- Spain better improves its colonies.
  • 1632- Spain transports a large part of its armada to the Americas and begins manufacturing more ships around Spain after pirates steal a large amount of Spanish treasury from the Americas.
  • 1636- Spain does not improve the living conditions of its Caribbean colonies.


  • 1807- Napoleon decides not to turn on Spain yet and instead invades somewhere else. With no tensions from the Peninsular War to weaken Spain, Spain continues to prosper. The people of the Viceroyalty of Peru and New Spain enjoy life under the Spanish crown.
  • 1850- The people of Spain grant freedom to New Spain and the viceroyalties of Peru and New Granada. Spain does not release Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola or the Philippines because Spain still needs resources. The Spanish colonies of South America prosper instead of going into military dictatorships or civil war live to much more prosperous, and powerful.
  • 1873- The people of Cuba start getting irrational ideas and begin revolting against Spain because they want freedom like the other Spanish colonies.
  • 1897- America also joins to aid the rebels because of atrocities they heard about and the mysterious disappearance of the Maine.
  • 1898- America gets involved with the war and aids Cuba, the Philippines, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico. Spain calls for aid as they are defeated in the first few battles. Ships from Colombia, Venezuela and Peru arrive first. Spain's armada makes some wise tactical movements and defeats the Americans a couple of times.
  • 1899- In a desperate attempt as the war has not ended and Spain has proved troublesome to America the U.S.A captures Puerto Rico while it is undefended. Spain beats America back several fronts. Spain blockades the ports at Louisiana. America beats Spain back several times. The outnumbered Spanish win more battles as they have plenty of support and resource. A great strategic accomplishment occurs when the Spanish decide to capture Boston harbor in the middle of winter. Spain succeeds just barely and manages to demoralize the Americans. From Boston the Spanish are attacked from New York. There are many other battles that you may hear about in the article Spanish American War. The USA recapture Boston with major injuries. The Spanish have major injuries, too.


  • 1900- A weakened US signs the treaty of Sacramento and Spain wins the war-
  • 1904- The newly strengthened Spanish Empire creates the Commonwealth of Spain and the Americas. Five countries join the Commonwealth in this year. The Republic of New Granada and Gran Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile, and New Spain. The Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola are currently considered part of Spain and therefore are part of the Commonwealth.
  • 1910- In order to avoid another conflict with its neighboring countries in America Spain works to improve Cuba. Paraguay joins the Commonwealth.
  • 1914- WWI
  • 1918- World War one ends.
  • 1920- With an improved Caribbean Spain grants Cuba its freedom. Cuba joins the Commonwealth that year along with, Argentina, West Sahara, and Bolivia.
  • 1923- Uruguay joins the Commonwealth. The last Spanish South American country has joined the Commonwealth.


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